Palworld Update Adds the Game’s First Raid Boss, Improves Building, and More

Palworld Update Adds the Game’s First Raid Boss, Improves Building, and More

Palworld, the popular “Pokemon with guns”game, has released its latest update which includes several significant features. The highlight of this update is the introduction of Palworld’s first raid boss, Bellanoir. This intense battle offers the option to adjust the difficulty level and rewards players with great prizes. Along with this, the update also brings various enhancements to the building aspect, a range of useful new items, and other improvements. Take a sneak peek at the teaser trailer for Bellanoir below.

The content and features included in Palworld ver. are outlined below…

The initial Raid Boss

  • Implemented the first Raid Boss
  • You can summon Raid Boss Pals by using slabs at the new Summoning Altar
  • Slab-summoned Raid Boss Pals are incredibly strong and cannot be captured. Join forces with your base Pals to defeat these formidable enemies.
  • Pals Eggs may be obtained by defeating Raid Boss Pals.
  • The “extreme”version of the Raid Boss is incredibly powerful and difficult to defeat

Additional New Content

  • Additional items have been included in the “Training Manual”category, which enables you to grant experience points to Pals.
  • The latest addition to the game is the “Ancient Technical Manual”, which awards players with ancient technology points and can be discovered in dungeon chests at random.
  • “Additional “Recovery Meds”items have been included. Utilizing these medications will gradually restore your health points as time passes.”
  • The latest addition to the inventory is “Homeward Thundercloud”. This item allows for immediate transportation to the nearest base when activated.
  • The latest addition to the inventory, “Ability Glasses”, allows the user to view Pal’s stats when equipped.
  • The latest update includes the addition of new stat boosting items, namely “Power Fruit, Life Fruit, Stout Fruit”. These items can be used to enhance Pal’s stats.
  • A new passive called “Mercy Hit”has been incorporated, preventing Pals with this ability from decreasing the enemy’s HP below 1 while attacking.
  • The game now includes a new item called the “Ring of Mercy”. This ring prevents you from decreasing an enemy’s HP below 1 while attacking while it is equipped.
  • The new “Multiclimate Undershirt”armor has been introduced, providing protection against both hot and cold temperatures in just one slot.
  • A new building, the “Electric Egg Incubator,”has been included. This facility utilizes electricity to automatically regulate the temperature, ensuring that each egg is kept at its ideal temperature for incubation.
  • The latest addition to the game is the “Ore Mining Site”building. This facility enables players to produce ores conveniently within their base.


  • Kelpsea can now produce Pal Fluids at the ranch
  • Dumud can now produce High-Quality Pal Oil at the ranch
  • You can now reduce the weight of metal ore while riding Surfent Terra
  • Increased the amount of ore dropped while riding Astegon
  • By utilizing the Pal Essence Condenser, it is now possible to increase Pal’s rank to the maximum level in just one synthesis.
  • Negative Pal status will now be resolved after spending some time in the Pal Box

The term UI refers to the user interface.

  • While aiming a sphere, it will now display how many of the target Pal has already been captured
  • You can now check the cooldowns on partner skills for all your Pals on the main screen
  • Equipment and item stats are now visible on the tech screen, even if you have not unlocked them first
  • The tutorial has been improved and renamed to “Journey”
  • You can now show/hide the “Journey”in the game options
  • The game options allow for the adjustment of the display size of damage numbers.

The individual participating in the game or activity.

  • Items dropped by players after death on a dedicated server can now be picked up by anyone after 24 hours of real-time have passed
  • Added a new “sleeping”player emote (edited)
  • You can now allow/disallow certain work for base Pals at the Monitoring Stand
  • Chest filters have been added. Select item types to allow or disallow inside chests
  • Crafted items are now transported from crafting facilities. Selecting “allow transport”when crafting will result in Pals transporting those items to chests when finished
  • You can now edit your character’s appearance at any time by using the “Antique Dresser”
  • Building and building piece placement rules have been relaxed
  • You can now connect stairs facing upwards
  • Roof pieces can now directly connect to foundations
  • Triangular walls can now be connected to stairs
  • By picking up a Pal and throwing them towards a facility, you have the ability to make them work and interrupt their break. Keep in mind that Pals regain their SAN during breaks, so use caution.
  • The fixed assignments will not change, even in the event of any unfavorable circumstances. While in the past, certain conditions could cause assignments to change, they will now remain fixed unless the Pal is placed inside the Pal Box.

The most recent update for Palworld includes the usual bug fixes and balance adjustments. If you want to know all the details, you can refer to the complete patch notes here. However, Pocket Pair has acknowledged that this update may cause an issue with incubators not being able to hold eggs. They suggest rebuilding your incubators to resolve the issue.

PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are all compatible with Palworld.

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