Halo: Infinite launches The Yappening II Operation event including the Gruntpocalypse

Halo: Infinite launches The Yappening II Operation event including the Gruntpocalypse

Developer 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft are still releasing regular free content updates for their sci-fi first-person shooter Halo: Infinite, using the newer Operations model. These updates are smaller and occur every six weeks, in contrast to the longer Seasons formula.

The current Operation, known as The Yappening II, is available for free this week. This name is a nod to a prior two-week event, The Yappening, which occurred in September 2022 as reported on Halo Waypoint.

According to a blog post by 343 Industries, The Yappening II will introduce a new version of the Firefight: King of the Hill gameplay called the Gruntpocalypse. The post provides additional details on this mode.

This time, you’ll be facing off against the greatest contingent of Balaho Banished you’ve ever seens! It’s all Grunts, all the time. A war chief’s dream, really. And when you realize the futility of your situations, you’ll have to hope your feet don’t fail you as you run cryin’ back to your disappointed parents!

Oh and did we mentions that there’s a twist? Yeah, we know you Spartans are always tryin’ to get ahead, so Skulls are guaranteed in every round—don’t matter if you die, respawn, or get broughted back to life, the Skull magic is still on tap. Oh, and for humans who love a good Grunt birthday party, there’s also a Fiesta version of Gruntpocalypse where you gets random loadouts each time you respawns.

The Gruntpocalypse is expected to continue until April 16. In a related blog post, 343 Industries has announced that during the third week of The Yappening II Operation, a new Arena map called Corrosion will be introduced. This map features dangerous green acid that can potentially eliminate your character.

The latest update also introduces the Yappening II Operation Pass, which allows you to obtain Grunt-inspired armor and weapons variants by completing specific challenges and participating in Match XP events.

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