Xbox Insiders can preview the kart racing-battle royale game Stampede: Racing Royale

Xbox Insiders can preview the kart racing-battle royale game Stampede: Racing Royale

In June 2023, developer Sumo Leamington initially revealed Stampede: Racing Royale. Since then, the development team has provided exclusive early access to the game for limited time periods on the PC through Steam. Recently, the team announced that a version of the game can now be tested by members of Microsoft’s Xbox Insider program on both Xbox Series X and S consoles, as well as on Windows PCs.

According to Chris Groves, the Senior Community Manager at Sumo Leamington, the game is an online title that combines kart racing and battle royale elements. It is available for free-to-play and can be found on Xbox Insider Program, where up to 60 players can compete in wild races. In his post on Xbox Wire, Groves provides a detailed overview of the game’s features.

Imagine dropping into a go-kart and racing in 60-player online events (yes, sixty!), avoiding elimination across three rounds, and competing to become the ultimate champion. Throw in a variety of wild power-ups to deploy, incredible maps to master, and different modes like Battle and Zombies, and you’ve got yourself a tasty cocktail known as ‘Stampede: Racing Royale’.

In addition, players can anticipate discovering a multitude of customizable in-game items. From placing cheese wheels on your go-kart to adorning your character with an octopus on its head, the options for personalization are endless. Furthermore, exclusive events will be hosted, providing opportunities to obtain rare in-game items and rewards.

This is the link for the video:

The downside is that your progress in this private playtest will not transfer over to the official launch of the game for all Xbox players. However, the upside is that participating Xbox Insider members will receive a special in-game gift when the Early Access version is released.

If you are enrolled in the Xbox Insider program, follow these steps to become part of the Stampede: Racing Royale private test:

  • Navigate to Previews > Stampede: Racing Royale
  • Select Join.
  • Wait for registration to complete, and you should be directed to the correct Store Page to install the preview.

Please remember that the Xbox Insider test has a limited number of spots available and they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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