Windows 11 is getting a built-in QR code generator

Windows 11 is getting a built-in QR code generator

Microsoft usually incorporates the most noteworthy updates into the Windows 11 Canary and Dev builds before they are rolled out to more reliable channels such as Beta or Release Preview. However, there is an unusual occurrence today. The latest release, version 22635.3420, has been made available for testing in the Beta Channel and includes a built-in QR code generator for simplified sharing of links and files.

From Windows 11 build 22635.3420 onwards, a new feature has been added for users to easily generate a QR code when sharing files or links by clicking on a designated button alongside the existing “Copy Link”option. This update will greatly facilitate the transfer of data between computers and phones, particularly for iPhone users who may face compatibility issues with Windows PCs compared to Android users who have the convenient Phone Link integration.

beta channel 226353420 screenshots

To experience the new QR code generator, simply update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge in the Beta Channel and select “Windows share options”.

Users will be able to now generate QR codes for URLs and cloud file links through the Windows share window to seamlessly share webpages and files across their devices. To try this out in Microsoft Edge, just click the share button in the Edge toolbar and choose “Windows share options” .

The Share dialog in Windows 11’s build 22635.3420 has more than just a built-in QR code generator as an improvement. Microsoft has also made changes to how closing the dialog functions to avoid accidental dismissals. To close the Share UI, users must now click the close button located at the top-right corner.

To prevent accidentally closing the Windows share window, clicking outside the Windows share window will no longer close it. To close the Windows share window, just press the close button at the top right corner.

Microsoft has recently added the feature of scanning QR codes with the Camera app in order to connect to Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, the Settings app allows for the sharing of Wi-Fi passwords through QR codes, if the need arises.

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