Stoic reveals its character customization tools for its upcoming PC-Xbox game Towerborne

Stoic reveals its character customization tools for its upcoming PC-Xbox game Towerborne

The Banner Saga team at Stoic initially unveiled their plans for a new game called Towerborne in June 2023 at the Xbox Game Showcase. They also announced that Microsoft would serve as the publisher for the game on its Xbox and PC platforms. Today, the developer is unveiling one of the game’s key features: character customization.

Stotic team members Jason Findley (Lead 3D Character Artist), Jeff Murchie (Lead Concept Artist), and Pedro Toledo (Art Director) revealed the details of a new feature on the Towerborne website. According to the post, players will have numerous customization options for their Ace character, which is a warrior tasked with protecting and defending the Belfry. This is the last human community in a fantasy world that has been devastated by an unknown apocalypse event.

Players can bring their Ace to the Mirror’s Wagon, a location where they have the freedom to modify their warrior. This feature allows players to alter their character’s appearance at any time, ensuring they are not limited to a single look.

According to the displayed screenshots on the website, the Mirror’s Wagon provides players with the ability to modify their Ace’s body type, as well as options for skin color, head, hair design and color, eyes, mouth, and more. Players can even alter their character’s voice.

Despite the game being released, players can still anticipate a variety of Ace customization items to be added, as mentioned by Murchie.

As the game evolves and new styles are introduced, there will be opportunities to grow. The more we create, the more we realize we can iterate and make new, compelling options for all players. Once the game comes out, we’ll also come to understand what the Towerborne community wants, which will help us focus our efforts in delivering content that is highly desired.

Towerborne is set to be released as an exclusive for Xbox and PC in the year 2024.

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