Statcounter: Microsoft Edge has 12.71% on the desktop browser market

Statcounter: Microsoft Edge has 12.71% on the desktop browser market

The first day of a new month has arrived, signaling the opportunity to examine the changes in the desktop browser market during March 2024. Unfortunately, there was not much change to report.

According to the March 2024 report by Statcounter, Microsoft Edge continues to struggle in gaining new users. The data shows a decrease of 0.05 points, bringing its market share to 12.71%. Despite being preinstalled on countless computers globally, Chrome remains the preferred choice for the majority of people.

The sluggish development of Edge may also be due to recent modifications made by Microsoft to ensure its products comply with DMA regulations in Europe. These include the option to remove Microsoft Edge without relying on outside applications, scripts, or workarounds.

Despite the negative aspects, Microsoft is also making efforts to attract users by offering genuinely helpful features. An upcoming feature on Microsoft Edge will allow users to restrict the amount of memory it uses, which may make the browser more attractive to those who are mindful of their computer’s resource usage.

Despite fierce competition, Google Chrome continues to hold the top spot as the most popular browser. In just one month, it has increased its market share to 65.77%, a feat that seemed unattainable. Additionally, with Chrome now fully compatible with ARM processors, those considering purchasing the new Snapdragon X Elite computers will have even less reason to switch to a different browser.

As of March 2024, the current distribution of the desktop browser market is as follows:

  1. Google Chrome – 65.77% (+0.39 points)
  2. Microsoft Edge – 12.71% (-0.05 points)
  3. Apple Safari – 8.63% (-0.08 points)
  4. Mozilla Firefox – 6.61% (-0.64 points)
  5. Opera – 3.15% (+0.1 points)
A chart showing different browser market shares over one year

On the mobile side, the market is mainly controlled by Google and Apple, and this is what things look like:

  1. Google Chrome – 65.29% (-0.63 points)
  2. Apple Safari – 24.26% (+0.49 points)
  3. Samsung Internet – 4.41% (-0.01 points)
  4. Opera – 2.2% (+0.03 points)
  5. UC Browser – 1.44% (+0.11 points)
A chart showing different browser market shares over one year

Despite holding a mere 0.3% share in the mobile market, Microsoft Edge saw a decline of 0.02 points in March 2024. In an effort to attract users away from competitors like Chrome and Samsung Internet, Microsoft is currently developing browser extension support for its Edge browser on mobile. This potential improvement may lead to a conversion of some users.

Further details can be accessed at the official Statcounter website by visiting

Despite Statcounter’s reliance on code embedded into numerous websites across the internet, their reports may not be entirely accurate. To gain a better understanding of the company’s data collection methods, click here.

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