Sea of Thieves on PS5 will ship with cross-play, cross-progression, and DualSense support

Sea of Thieves on PS5 will ship with cross-play, cross-progression, and DualSense support

In February, Microsoft revealed their intention to make some of their exclusive Xbox games available on PlayStation. Among the mentioned titles was Sea of Thieves. As the release date for the PlayStation 5 version approaches, Rare has now shared details on the features that will be included in the game.

The release has prompted numerous inquiries about cross-play and cross-progression compatibility between PlayStation and Xbox. Rare has officially announced that these features will be accessible upon release. However, players have the option to disable cross-play, ensuring that only fellow PS5 users will join their servers. Additionally, cross-play can be limited to only permitting controller users.

When linking PlayStation and Microsoft accounts, players will have their existing pirate characters synced onto the PS5, along with their “Commendations, cosmetics, Twitch Drops, and accumulated gold, Doubloons, and Ancient Coins.”However, some exclusive cosmetics, such as the Duke set on Xbox, will not transfer over. This means that players will still be able to keep their progress when switching between platforms, but may not have access to certain items on both consoles.

When inviting friends, Sea of Thieves on PS5 will display both Xbox and PSN Friend lists, simplifying the process of inviting or joining a cross-play-enabled party. As an online game, playing Sea of Thieves with others will require a PlayStation Plus subscription, however, those without a subscription can still access the Safer Seas solo mode.

Just as on the Xbox Series X|S, Sea of Thieves on the PS5 will provide the option for players to experience gameplay in either 4K at 60FPS or 1080p at 120FPS. The game will also feature over 250 Trophies, matching the achievements available on Xbox and Steam. Additionally, existing players will be able to sync their accounts and transfer some of their progress.

Additionally, the game has incorporated the PS5 DualSense controller’s distinctive hardware features, utilizing its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to provide a more immersive gaming experience. It remains uncertain if PC players will also have access to these enhancements while using the DualSense.

Sea of Thieves

The company has announced that they are prepared to invite PlayStation users to the waters and have expanded their ability to provide live services in anticipation of the release.

Sea of Thieves will be released on the PlayStation 5 on April 30 for $39.99. Pre-orders are currently open, and those who order early will receive a special weapons set and a pet as a bonus from Rare. For immediate access, PS5 players can also pre-order the Deluxe edition for $49.99 or the Premium edition for $59.99, which includes exclusive cosmetic rewards and grants access to the ongoing closed beta on the platform.

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