RoboForm 9.5.7

RoboForm 9.5.7

RoboForm is a highly-rated Password Manager and Web Form Filler that streamlines the process of entering passwords and filling out forms. It enhances the speed, ease, and security of logging into websites and completing forms. Upon initial login to a site, RoboForm securely saves each username and password, and subsequently provides them automatically upon return visits. The advanced Logins feature of RoboForm eliminates the need for manual login steps for any online account. With a simple click, RoboForm will navigate to a website, enter your credentials, and submit them on your behalf.

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Completing lengthy registration or checkout forms is effortless with the help of RoboForm. By simply selecting your RoboForm Identity, the entire form will be filled in for you. Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering multiple passwords – all you need is one Master Password and RoboForm will take care of the rest. This not only makes your online experience more convenient, but also enhances security as RoboForm uses strong AES encryption to protect your data. The latest version of RoboForm now supports Chrome and Safari browsers, as well as iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Additionally, users can take advantage of the new RoboForm Everywhere license, which grants unlimited usage on both computers and mobile devices.

The changelog for RoboForm 9.5.7 includes the following updates:

  • Added the Authenticator tool in the RoboForm Desktop Editor to show all Logins with TOTP.

  • Increased the default length of generated password to 22 chars, was 16.

  • Updated the font style in the RoboForm Safenote Editor to use a fixed-width font.

  • Enterprise: implemented Login via SSO feature for company members.

  • New CodeSign certificate for RoboForm executables.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Get the latest version of RoboForm 9.5.7 by downloading the 37.7 MB setup file from the link below. This version is available for free, but you can also opt for a paid upgrade if desired. To learn more, visit the official RoboForm website at the link provided.

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