Rise of the Ronin – Combat Tips for Slicing Up the Samurai Competition

Rise of the Ronin – Combat Tips for Slicing Up the Samurai Competition

The newest release from Team Ninja, Rise of the Ronin, upholds their reputation for intense combat and innovative gameplay mechanics. However, fear not, as we have some helpful tips that will have you swiftly decapitating enemies in no time.

Rise of the Ronin

Monitor Your and Your Opponent’s Ki Levels

The central element in Rise of Ronin’s combat is Ki. The blue bar located below the main life bar represents the Ki of both you and your opponent. Ki serves as both a stamina and stagger bar – exhausting your opponent’s Ki meter leaves them vulnerable to a critical hit, which can instantly defeat lesser foes and significantly damage bosses. Conversely, if your Ki meter is drained, you will be temporarily incapacitated and unable to launch attacks. Monitoring the levels of both your and your opponent’s Ki is crucial and often takes priority over the traditional life bar.

The Importance of Countersparks

One effective technique for decreasing your opponent’s Ki is to perform a “Counterspark,”which involves parrying their attacks. A well-executed parry not only reduces your opponent’s Ki, but also leaves them vulnerable to additional attacks. However, if your opponent successfully parries your attacks, you will also lose some of your own Ki. Therefore, it is important to avoid mindlessly button mashing, as this will make you an easy target for parries and result in a depletion of your Ki. While parrying may seem daunting, it is not overly difficult, although some adversaries may launch multiple attacks in a row, requiring quick and precise parrying to both defend yourself and stun them.

Master the Art of Dodging

While it is important to primarily focus on parrying your opponent’s attacks, there may be instances where they unleash a powerful attack that causes them to glow red. These attacks can still be parried, but they are much more challenging and the consequences of mistiming your parry are greater. In such cases, it is advisable to use a dodge instead of parrying. The advantage is that many of these powerful attacks leave your opponent vulnerable for a brief period, allowing you to counterattack.

Maximizing Defense: The Importance of ABB (Always Be Blocking)

Blocking is another effective way to reduce incoming damage, and it is advisable to always have your block up. Additionally, you can still parry while blocking, making it a beneficial strategy with no drawbacks.

Master the Art of Switching Stances

As you progress through the game, you will begin to see the importance of paying attention to stances. While they may not be crucial in the early stages, as you delve deeper into the game, you will want to utilize the three combat styles available for each weapon. These styles, known as Jin, Chi, and Ten, have their own strengths and weaknesses when facing enemies with specific weapons.

  • Jin is most effective against sabres and lightweight weapons, but less effective against Odachis and heavy weapons.
  • Chi is particularly useful against odachis and heavy weapons, but it may not be as effective against sabres and light weapons.
  • Ten is a useful technique when facing katanas and medium-sized weapons, but it may not be as effective against sabres and light weapons.

During a battle, you have the ability to switch between weapon styles and accompanying stances. It can be challenging to remember all the rock-paper-scissors dynamics in the midst of a heated fight. However, if your stance is effective against an enemy, you will notice a small blue arrow pointing up next to their life bar (shown in red circle above). Conversely, if you are at a disadvantage, a red arrow pointing down will appear. By striking the right stance, you are able to deplete an opponent’s Ki at a faster rate, making it a worthwhile strategy.

Recovery: Blade Flash

It is easy to miss, but after landing a successful attack or series of attacks, press the R1 button to remove the blood from your sword. This action will increase your Ki meter.

Consider your options before aiming for a critical hit

After draining an enemy’s Ki and leaving them vulnerable to a critical hit, it may be advantageous to quickly move in for the attack. However, your opponent will remain vulnerable for a brief period of time, providing an opportunity to inflict additional hits and damage before executing the final critical strike.

The Importance of Ranged Weapons in Combat

Along with close-quarter combat, you have the option to engage enemies from a distance using ranged weapons. A well-aimed shot to the head can swiftly eliminate an enemy and spare you from a physical confrontation. In a tense boss battle, use hit-and-run tactics by continuously hurling shurikens until your opponent is defeated. It is crucial to alternate between ranged and close-range weapons to effectively throw off your enemies.

Maximize your mobility with your grappling hook

In addition to its primary purpose for traversal, your grappling hook can also be utilized to seize and pull enemies into close proximity, or to hurl objects such as explosive barrels at adversaries.

And now you have all the necessary tips to become a master of 19th Century Japan in no time!

The game Rise of the Ronin is compatible with PS5 consoles.

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