Rise of the Ronin – Are there Multiple Endings and How do You Unlock Them?

Rise of the Ronin – Are there Multiple Endings and How do You Unlock Them?

The most recent release from Team Ninja, Rise of the Ronin, differs from their previous works as it is heavily focused on its narrative. Throughout the game, players will encounter crucial decision-making moments, prompting the question – are there multiple endings? And if so, what are the requirements to unlock them? Keep reading to discover all the details on how RotR’s story functions.

Warning: The upcoming paragraphs include major spoilers for Rise of the Ronin.

What are the different possible outcomes in Rise of the Ronin?

The answer is affirmative, although the number of decisions may not be as high as one would expect. Rise of the Ronin offers regular opportunities for players to make choices, but these primarily influence personal aspects of the game such as allies and missions. For example, opting to spare the life of a bandit chief early on may lead to their reappearance later on and potentially becoming an ally. Additionally, there is a faction system in place which enables players to align themselves with either the Shogunate or against it, unlocking specific missions for each faction.

Despite this, the general plot of Rise of the Ronin remains unchanged as it loosely follows real historical events. In the end, the game only offers two possible alternate endings.

Calculating Your Final Result

Near the game’s conclusion, you will have the option to either kill or spare your “Blade Twin.”This decision will ultimately determine which ending you receive.

Can I see the alternate ending without replaying the entire game?

This mechanic, known as “Soul Testimony,”in Rise of the Ronin, allows players to replay any mission and alter their choices to see the different outcomes. This feature also applies to the mission that determines the final ending.

So, with that, some of the enigma surrounding RotR’s plot and conclusions has been revealed.

The game Rise of the Ronin is compatible with PS5.

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