QuickInstaller 0.3.8859.20616

QuickInstaller 0.3.8859.20616

QuickInstaller is a free software updater and installer for Windows that supports both installers and portable applications. With this program, you have the ability to install any software from the database and ensure that your computer’s software is always up-to-date. Furthermore, you can easily export lists of installed applications and import them onto other computers. The database of available software is continuously expanding, with over 600 applications currently available. Additionally, you can contribute to the growth of the database by submitting software yourself!

QuickInstaller is user-friendly and requires minimal technical expertise to operate. However, it also offers advanced features for more tech-savvy individuals. Upon opening QuickInstaller, it will automatically scan all installed applications and alert you of any available updates. If updates are found, simply click the Update button and QuickInstaller will install them seamlessly.

The main features of QuickInstaller include:

  • Support for both installers and portable applications
  • Install/Update applications silently
  • Easily transfer applications between computers! Export and import applications for a seamless transition.
  • Submit applications. NOTE: Any submitted application needs to be verified and tested before it is available.
  • Uninstall/Delete applications
  • Download only option
  • Keep downloaded files option
  • Set included/excluded folders for portable applications
  • Include beta versions
  • Get actual size of installed applications
  • Prefer 32-bit applications

The changelog for QuickInstaller version 0.3.8859.20616 is as follows:

  • Fixed so QuickInstaller supports apps with illegal file characters in display name (due to app name used in file download)

  • Improved application matching to support apps that need to use executables production version

  • Added new filter ‘All supported apps’ for installed and portable apps

  • Fixed bug for restart Windows function

  • Fixed minor bug for displaing major version count

  • Fixed minor bug in online apps view when filtering on License=Paid

  • Improved column headers: Smaller and bottom divider

  • Improved feedback: Instead of disabling checkbox to include screen shot, show warning when click to include screen shot when no image is in clipboard.

  • Changed text’s using ‘Programs’ to ‘Applications/Apps’

The download link for QuickInstaller version 0.3.8859.20616, which is a freeware weighing 12.1 MB, is available at https://app.quickinstaller.net/downloads/QuickInstallerSetup.exe. Additional information about QuickInstaller can be found on the official homepage at https://www.quickinstaller.net/ and a screenshot is also available.

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