NTLite 2024.3.9833

NTLite 2024.3.9833

NTLite is a tool for configuring Windows that enables you to make changes to your current Windows installation or a future deployment image. It allows you to remove Windows components, integrate and configure them, and streamline the deployment process. Additionally, it has the ability to reduce the amount of space Windows takes up on your RAM and storage drive. It also includes compatibility safety measures to ensure a smooth experience while removing selected components. Furthermore, NTLite offers support for Windows Unattended feature, providing a user-friendly page with commonly used options for easy setup.

You can effortlessly incorporate one or more drivers, as well as update or language packages, through our integration system. Our package integration system uses intelligent sorting, allowing you to smoothly include packages for integration and ensuring that they are applied in the correct sequence to maintain compatibility with hotfixes.

An essential addition to NTLite (in comparison to previous versions) is its capability to edit a pre-existing operating system by eliminating redundant components.

This software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7 on both x86 and x64 systems in live and image modes. It also supports server editions of these versions, except for component removals and feature configuration. Additionally, it offers alpha stage support for ARM64 images. However, it is not compatible with Checked/Debug, Embedded, IoT editions, as well as Vista and XP.

The changelog for NTLite 2024.3.9833 includes the following updates:

The following paragraph has been revised to retain its original meaning.

  • Post-setup: ‘Before logon’ tasks again do not need OEM SetupComplete option, leaving it as an option
  • Components: ‘GameInput Service’ component detection


  • UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou77), Portugues-Brasil (Igor), Swedish (1FF)

Get the NTLite 64-bit version for free with a size of 23.5 MB, and upgrade to the paid version if desired. You can also download the 32-bit version, which is 20.3 MB. Visit the NTLite homepage for more information and to explore its features.

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