Microsoft is testing Windows 10-like widget button in Windows 11

Microsoft is testing Windows 10-like widget button in Windows 11

Microsoft may be relocating the widget button for Windows 11 users who have their taskbar positioned on the left side. In the recent release of Windows 11 build 22635.3420 on March 29, 2024, available in the Beta Channel, the widget button has been shifted closer to the notification area, giving the taskbar a similar appearance to Windows 10’s with its News and Interests button.

In addition to altering the position of the button, Microsoft also enlarged it to allow users to view more content from Widgets on their taskbar. Furthermore, on systems with left-aligned taskbars, the widget board now appears from the right side of the display.

Windows 11 Taskbar

According to the official release notes:

We’re beginning to roll out a new position for the Widgets entry-point on left-aligned taskbars. The taskbar entry-point will move to the left of the systems tray and will be wider so you can see richer content from Widgets on your taskbar. When you launch the Widgets board, it will fly out from the right side instead of the left side.

Despite having some flaws, there are a few issues with it. One of them is the large empty space between the weather forecast and the notification section. Additionally, when Copilot animations are activated or new icons like location are displayed in the tray area, the layout of the entire thing tends to change. If you are not satisfied with the updated version or have any suggestions for improvement, you can share your feedback with Microsoft by pressing Win + F.

The new widgets button placement is slowly being released to Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel, but you can obtain it without having to wait for Microsoft to determine if your system qualifies for this update.

  1. Get ViveTool from GitHub by visiting the release page at Unpack the files in a folder that is easily accessible and organized for your convenience.
  2. To access the ViveTool files, open Command Prompt as Administrator and use the CD command to navigate to the designated folder. For instance, if the ViveTool files are located in C:\Vive, enter CD C:\Vive in the Command Prompt.
  3. To enable the vivetool with the IDs 48660958, 48468527, and 48468541, simply type vivetool /enable /id:48660958,48468527,48468541 and hit Enter.
  4. Reboot your computer.

What do you think about the new location of the widget button in Windows 11?

Credit for the identification numbers is owed to @PhantomOfEarth on X.

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