Microsoft introduces the Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft introduces the Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

The latest addition to Microsoft’s family of Xbox Wireless Controllers is from the Vapor series. Alongside the previously announced Stormcloud Vapor and Dream Vapor, Xbox fans now have the option to purchase the brand-new Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition Xbox controller. This announcement was made today.

Each Nocturnal edition controller, similar to other Vapor series controllers, features a distinct smoky design pattern on its front case and grips. This updated version showcases a blend of dark and light green hues.

According to Daniel Ruiz, senior product marketing manager at Xbox Accessories, the Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller offers the opportunity to uncover the secrets of the nocturnal world. Drawing inspiration from nature at night, the controller’s vibrant colors and swirling patterns represent the vastness of the nighttime landscape. Each controller has its own distinct energy and design, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Xbox Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition Controller

The Nocturnal edition of the Xbox controller comes equipped with the usual features found in a standard controller, such as textured side and back grips for comfortable gaming sessions, Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity for playing on various devices, a convenient 3.5mm audio jack, remappable buttons, and removable batteries.

Remember that with the recent update for the Xbox Accessories app on both Xbox consoles and Windows, users are now able to recalibrate the thumbsticks on their controllers. This feature allows for the resolution of minor problems, such as slight stick drift, through software rather than requiring assistance from Microsoft for repairs.

Pre-orders have opened for the Xbox Wireless Controller – Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition, priced at $69.99 in all Xbox markets. Shipping is set to commence on April 9. For gamers seeking a personalized and themed controller, Microsoft recently launched a Fallout edition controller at a slightly higher cost.

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