“Keep getting better, smarter”: Larsa Pippen sends cryptic message for first time since Marcus Jordan split

“Keep getting better, smarter”: Larsa Pippen sends cryptic message for first time since Marcus Jordan split

It has been a few days since Larsa Pippen ended her relationship with Marcus, son of Michael Jordan. Despite her silence since the breakup, Pippen recently posted a cryptic update on her Instagram account with a mysterious caption. Although she has not directly mentioned the breakup, her recent post is causing speculation among fans.

Pippen and Jordan had been in a relationship for a while and even collaborated on a podcast. They began as friends and would frequently spend time together. In January 2023, they were seen sharing a kiss at Miami Beach near the W South Beach Hotel.

In the following days, Pippen and Jordan publicly acknowledged their relationship. They then debuted their podcast, “Separation Anxiety,”in June, where they openly discussed their dynamic as a couple and shared their thoughts on what the future may hold for them.

Despite rumors of a possible marriage, the couple ultimately decided to put those speculations to rest. Although they briefly split in February, they reconciled and rekindled their relationship on Valentine’s Day.

After their split, Pippen subtly gave her followers an update by posting a photo of herself.

“Due to personal reasons… I’m gonna keep getting better, smarter, and more committed to my inner peace than ever before,”Pippen posted on Instagram.

On the contrary, Jordan has not shared any updates or posts regarding the breakup in recent times.

Based on reports, Pippen came to the realization that Marcus was not the right person for her and that they were heading in different directions.

The End of Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan’s Relationship: What Happened?

Despite briefly getting back together in February, the split between Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan was ultimately unavoidable. According to a source close to Pippen, the reason for their decision to end their relationship was revealed.

“Larsa realized this relationship is just not the one for her after spending some more time apart, filming a new show,”the source said. “She wants to move on and focus on improving her life. They simply want different things out of life.”

Recently, Pippen shared a cryptic message on Instagram, which may have been referencing her recent split with MJ’s son.

“Humble enough to know I can lose it all. Confident enough to know I can get it all back,”Pippen posted.

Recently, Pippen was questioned about whether the 16-year age difference played a role in their separation. However, Larsa made it clear that their age difference did not influence their choice to go their separate ways. She believes that she and Marcus can eventually become friends, as their relationship was built on a foundation of friendship.

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