How to Backup Pixel Phone to PC and Google Drive

How to Backup Pixel Phone to PC and Google Drive

If you have worries about losing your data or transitioning away from your Pixel phone, it is important to back up your phone’s information to prevent any valuable information from being lost. Luckily, Google has an integrated backup system that protects different aspects of your phone’s data. In this tutorial, you will discover how to easily back up your Google Pixel phone to a drive or PC.

It is important to regularly back up your Pixel phone to ensure that your data remains safe and accessible in case of loss, damage, or theft. Here, we have provided a list of methods that you can use to achieve this, whether you are switching from another phone or simply want to maintain the security of your information.

Step-by-Step Guide: Backing Up Your Pixel Phone to Google Drive

It is simple to back up a Pixel phone to Google Drive and does not require a significant amount of time. Here’s how you can do it:

To begin, access the Settings app by following the first step.

To get to the backup system, go to “System”and then select “Backup”.

Step 3: Activate the toggle for Google One Backup.

Step 4: Then, click on Back Up now.

How to Backup Pixel Phone to Google Drive?

Step 5: Once you have completed this step, the phone will automatically begin backing up all of the data stored on your device.

To retrieve data on a different device, just log in using the same Google account when setting it up and you will be given the choice to restore data. Select the Restore option and the backed-up data will be automatically reinstated.

Steps for Backing Up Pixel Phone Data to PC Using ADB Command

To back up your Google Pixel data to your PC, you can utilize the ADB command. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: To start, activate USB debugging on your Pixel device. Simply access Settings and click on About Phone. Next, tap the Build number seven or eight times until the You are now a developer pop-up appears. Finally, navigate to System > Developer Options and enable USB debugging.

Step 2: Download and install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on your computer. Alternatively, you can use Platform Tools.

Step 3: Use a USB cable to connect your Pixel phone to a PC.

Step 4: Use the Windows key to search for Command Prompt. If you are accessing platform tools folders, open cmd by typing CMD in the file explorer address bar. Proceed to step 6 if you are using platform tools.

Step 5: Click with your right mouse button on it and select Run as administrator.

How to Backup Pixel Phone Data to PC?

Step 6: Enter “adb devices” and grant access to your phone by tapping Allow when prompted on your phone.

Step 7: Type “adb backup -apk -shared -all -f backup.ab” and press enter.

Step 8: A full backup window will appear on your Google Pixel phone. Simply tap Backup my data to proceed.

Step 9: Within a short period, the data will be stored on your computer.

To recover the backup on your Pixel phone, you must complete the identical steps up to step 6. Then, enter “adb restore backup.ab” and select Restore my data on your device.

Alternative Methods for Backing Up Data on a Pixel Phone with a Broken Screen

If you are in possession of a damaged Google Pixel phone screen and require a data backup, you will have to rely on third-party applications to retrieve your information. There are numerous options available on the market, such as iMyFone and Coolmuster. In this guide, we will be utilizing iMyFone.

To begin, access the iMyFone website or another tool website and proceed to download the software.

Step 2: After downloading, open the app to install it.

To proceed, select Recover Phone Data after completing Step 3.

How to Backup Pixel Phone With Broken Screen?

Step 4: Afterward, link your phone to a PC by using a USB cable.

Step 5: Choose the data you wish to backup. After a few minutes, all of the selected data will be displayed on your screen.

Step 6: Select Recover to download it onto your computer.

You can also utilize this app to recover the backup on your Google Pixel phone from either your PC or Google Drive.

Concluding the discussion,

Therefore, these are the steps to back up your Pixel phone to both Google Drive and your PC. We have also provided instructions for backing up your data in case your Google Pixel phone has a damaged screen. If you have any inquiries about the topic discussed, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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