“History repeats itself”: Fortnite player gets their car stuck between two trees, community wants it memorialized

“History repeats itself”: Fortnite player gets their car stuck between two trees, community wants it memorialized

Throughout its lifespan, Fortnite has witnessed numerous unforgettable and recognizable moments. Epic Games, known for promoting community involvement in the game, has made efforts to acknowledge and preserve these moments within the game. Recently, a Reddit user under the name u/thecatmaster1982ph shared a clip featuring their vehicle getting stuck between two trees, which has become one of these memorable moments.

The situation was reminiscent of a previous event in Fortnite’s past, in which a player comically wedged their vehicle between two trees near the Rebel’s Roost POI. The spontaneous and amusing nature of the occurrence, along with the community’s response, even prompted Epic Games to honor it by placing a rusted car at the same location.

The moment experienced by u/thecatmaster1982ph immediately brought back memories of the well-known event. As numerous members of the Fortnite community recalled last season, Reddit user u/FazeVc exclaimed:

“History repeats itself.”

Comment byu/thecatmaster1982ph from discussionin FortNiteBR

Comments from the community (Image via Reddit)
Comments from the community (Image via Reddit)

The Rebel’s Roost incident was still fresh in the minds of many members of the community, including Reddit user u/Master_Baiter_9675 who pointed out that players have seen similar situations before. Another user, u/The_Traveller__, made a joke about the recurring pattern of cars getting stuck between trees, as it seems highly unlikely.

On the other hand, u/Username_ppxt, a Reddit user, raised doubts about how players could contact Epic Games and ask for another Easter egg similar to the previous one.

Comments from the Fortnite community (Image via Reddit)
Comments from the Fortnite community (Image via Reddit)

Despite the jokes coming to an end, Reddit user u/VelvetBestGirl continued the comical discussion by proposing that if players persistently encounter their cars trapped between trees, the Fortnite Chapter 5 map will eventually be adorned with monuments for these vehicles by the end of the chapter. Fellow user u/Chirssyball19 also joined in on the fun, playfully suggesting a routine for a car to be hidden on the map each week as a hidden surprise.

In addition, u/mastermoxie, a Reddit user, clarified the reason for this occurrence in the game. They emphasized that it could be attributed to a bug in the game’s object collision system, which can cause objects to become immobile even after being struck.

Possible Easter Eggs in Fortnite’s Future Updates

Posts from the fortnitebr community on Reddit

The hilarious gameplay moment shared by Reddit user u/thecatmaster1982ph is a clear testament to its incredibly unlikely nature. The comments below the post further emphasize players’ desire for another Easter egg to be included in the game to recreate this moment. This begs the question – will Epic Games actually make it happen?

Despite the rarity of the moment, it appears that the answer is no. This occurrence may bring to mind a similar event from the previous season of Fortnite Chapter 5, but it is unlikely that Epic Games would include a similar Easter egg once more.

Despite the speculative nature of this, there is always a chance that Epic Games may decide to include a memorial for u/thecatmaster1982ph. However, even if they choose not to, this moment will undoubtedly be remembered by many players.

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