Google Podcasts bids adieu, users urged to shift over to YouTube Music

Google Podcasts bids adieu, users urged to shift over to YouTube Music

As previously announced, the Google Podcasts app in the US has officially come to an end. In December, it was confirmed that the app would be discontinued after April 2, and this has now taken place.

As of April 4, numerous users have reported a notification appearing on the Google Podcasts Android and iOS apps stating that “Google Podcasts is no longer available.”However, the message also appears on, but as of now, the web app is still functioning properly.

The company is encouraging Google Podcasts users to switch their podcast subscriptions to YouTube Music, which is currently the only podcast solution offered by Google. Users have been informed that they have until July 30, 2024, to transfer their data to alternative services or migrate them to YouTube Music. After this deadline, Google Podcasts data will no longer be accessible.

Google has taken note of the metrics and determined that YouTube is the preferred platform for podcasts over Google Podcasts. Additionally, Google has been hinting at the discontinuation of Google Podcasts since September of the previous year. They are currently developing a consolidated podcasting solution through YouTube Music.

Although Google Podcasts has been removed from the US, it is expected that other countries will also be affected. However, there is currently no information about when the app will be shut down in other regions. As there is no alternative to switch to YouTube Music, users can make use of the Google Podcasts Export subscription feature to transfer to YouTube Music or download the OPML file.

Despite its launch in 2018, Google has recently announced the shutdown of its Podcasts app in the US. However, YouTube Music has seen an increase in popularity with the addition of new features in the wake of the Google Podcasts shutdown. Many users appreciate the familiar and user-friendly interface of YouTube Music, as well as its availability on a wide range of devices. This is evident from its impressive download count of over 500 million on the Google Play Store.

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