Fortnite community wants cel-shading Style option for Skins

Fortnite community wants cel-shading Style option for Skins

Fortnite offers a wide range of skins, both original and inspired by popular culture collaborations. While the community appreciates the majority of the designs and creative decisions, one particular type of skin has captured the attention of players – the cel-shaded skins. These skins utilize the toon shading method, a non-photorealistic technique that gives characters a 2D appearance in a 3D setting.

The cel-shading style is a popular technique frequently used in anime skins, such as Eren Jaeger and Goku, and has become a cherished feature of the game’s cosmetic appeal.

Some members of the Fortnite community are suggesting that the game should add a feature to allow players to toggle the cel-shading style on and off for skins. This idea was raised in a recent Reddit post by u/yesjon. The player shared several images showcasing cel-shaded skins, such as Mikasa Ackermann and Cell, with a glitch that disables their cel-shaded appearance.

Comments from the community (Image via Reddit)
Comments from the community (Image via Reddit)

At the same time, u/Xelement0911 on Reddit pointed out the unusual appearance of cel-shaded skins in a game, as the entire map is created in 3D. This sparked a suggestion from u/Rusty_Rhin0 for a cel-shaded map or POI, a potential design decision that could make any area stand out.

More comments from the Fortnite community (Image via Reddit)
More comments from the Fortnite community (Image via Reddit)

Moreover, u/SomeCallMeDora, a user on Reddit, presented a comprehensive idea on how the cel-shaded toggle could be incorporated into the game. They suggested that if Epic Games were to include this feature, they should also enhance the texture of the clothing to avoid it looking unappealing or low-quality in 3D.

The sentiments were also shared by Reddit user u/Em1Wii, who pointed out Court Queen Erisa as an example of a skin that appears incomplete without cel-shading.

Possible Stylistic Changes for Fortnite in the Future

Its time to make cell-shading toggleable/a separate style. byu/yesjon inFortNiteBR

It is undeniable that the game offers a vast collection of cel-shaded skins, featuring characters from various popular anime franchises such as Dragon Ball and potentially One Piece. Therefore, introducing a cel-shading style option would enable players to adopt a new appearance and viewpoint as these beloved characters.

Comment byu/yesjon from discussionin FortNiteBR

Nonetheless, as highlighted in a comment made by Reddit user u/Xombridal on the post, cel-shading is a necessary element for the joint creation and dissemination of these characters, enforced by the original rights holders.

Despite the lack of announcements from Epic Games, the fate of cel-shaded skins in Fortnite remains uncertain.

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