ZM_MH10: Zalman RAM Heatsink!

The problem with RAM is that beautiful kits are often expensive… Especially in DDR5. So, if you want “apache” memory, you’ll get lousy RAM. And this is where Zalman comes to the rescue with their ZM_MH10 heatsink with a slight RGB tint on top.

ZM_MH10: or how to make the RAM beautiful with Zalman! 

In short, with this radiator we find a design that combines aluminum and ABS. The kit is designed to be compatible with DDR5 RAM as well as older standards. When installing, pay attention to the thickness of the thermal pads: 0.3 mm for DDR5 and 1 mm for other standards.

The assembly is done by simply screwing the two parts of the heatsink to the RAM. Screwing is done at the level of the light panel, which is sandwiched between two parts of the radiator. Finally, for lighting control, do not forget to connect the existing aRGB socket. Yes, we end up with a cable, but it should be noted that the RAM that the heatsink will be attached to will probably not be the base RGB.

Finally, in terms of dimensions, this ZM_MH10 displays: 137 (L) x 8.5 (W) x 40 (H) mm. As a general rule, there shouldn’t be too many conflicts with an air-cooled cooler.

Here is the Zalman technical sheet! 

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