OPPO interactive dynamic wallpaper with real-time ray tracing launched

OPPO dynamic wallpaper with ray tracing

This morning, OPPO at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) officially unveiled OPPO’s ray-traced dynamic interactive 3D live wallpaper. Wallpaper for the first time on the smartphone side implements ray tracing technology, which is expected in the second half of 2022 in the software application store.

For now, OPPO has 3 wallpapers for us, which is expected to be available on the app store in the second half of the year, supporting developers, artists, designers and other free creativity. Which wallpaper effect do you like the most? Watch the video below:

OPPO dynamic wallpaper with ray tracing

The application of ray tracing technology to mobile phones has gradually become one of the most advanced developments in ray tracing technology. In 2021, OPPO took the lead in Reno6 PRO Dimensity1200 version of Call of Duty for handheld gaming scene showcasing ray tracing technology.

At this year’s GDC, OPPO’s ray-tracking technology has been upgraded again, showing light-tracking 3D dynamic wallpaper, which can drive more complex scenes and higher-order effects by optimizing the technical algorithm, which can double the efficiency of light-tracking operation.

Compared with the previous generation ray tracing technology, OPPO has used chip arithmetic power, self-developed BVH solution, and optimized effect rendering algorithm to achieve wallpaper refraction effect, which was not available last year.

At the same time, Ray-tracing technology, using a hybrid rendering approach, can simultaneously achieve multiple light rendering effects: refraction, shadows, reflections, as well as the arithmetic power requirements of the transparent body light refraction effect.

The current dynamic 3D wallpapers in the mobile industry are mostly displayed offline and are pre-created MP4 videos. Dynamic wallpaper rendering is done by playing pre-recorded videos that lack interactivity with mobile users and the effect is not realistic enough.

This time, the ray tracing wallpaper is displayed in real time using gyroscope and ray tracing technology, users can interact with the screen, rotate and move the phone, etc. to use various gestures to change the lighting. and a shadow on the wallpaper.

OPPO Ray-tracing Dynamic Wallpaper is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2022, and users can download it from the OPPO app store and enable ray tracing on some models.

At the same time, the wallpaper function will also be introduced as an SDK, OPPO’s open online platform, providing developers, artists, designers and other free creations. The SDK will support independent light chasing wallpaper design, support light source design, light effect customization and other games.

The SDK will support independent design of 3D dynamic wallpaper with light source design and lighting effects setting. Ray-traced 3D dynamic wallpaper is one of OPPO’s many attempts to bring light-tracking technology to the fore, and it will also cover multiple avenues for gaming and non-gaming in the future.

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