Fortnite Kill Mystery Codes (Sep 2022)

If you’ve been looking for the best Fortnite Murder Mystery maps for you and your friends, look no further! In our Kill Mystery Codes list, we provide all the best cards for you to enjoy this challenge to fool your playmates and destroy them. Our list compiles the best cards based on popularity, design, and unique features. Whether you’re running or chasing, you’ll never get bored with these map codes!

List of best Fortnite Murder Mystery map codes

Best Fortnite Murder Mystery Maps

Mystery Mansion – Murder Mystery

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Mystery Mansion – Mystery Mystery Card Code: 8543-4742-5238

Mystery Mansion is definitely a classic of the Murder Mystery genre for Fortnite maps, and despite its age, it remains one of the maps that players flock to when they want to play a cheat outside of Imposters. It includes all the standard expectations of a Murder Mystery card, which means that as an innocent person you will run and hide a lot – there are no special roles. If you’re looking for a classic murder detective experience that’s still full of players, you’ll find it here!

Camp Slasher

Camp Slasher Map Code: 4231-5223-3996

If you’ve ever played asymmetrical horror games like Dead by Daylight or Prop Night, you’ll find the same amount of fun at Slasher Camp. This is a Survivors vs Killers game where the goal of the survivors is to hide while the killer waits for release and escape if he is ever found. The biggest difference between this and other Murder Mystery games (and possibly the best part of the game) is that the survivors can work together to take down the killer before he is eliminated!

Ultimate murder mystery

Ultimate Murder Mystery card code: 0124-5841-7849

The Ultimate Murder Mystery is a hugely popular cheat map that has been featured not only on the Fortnite Discover menu, but also on the official Fortnite YouTube channel! The trailer for the map received several million views, which dramatically increased the popularity of the maps in the game. It plays like a classic Murder Mystery card with no frills or special abilities – you’re a killer, sheriff, or innocent. What this map lacks in special features, it makes up for in fun! This is the perfect map to start with if you’re new to the Murder Mystery genre in Fortnite’s creations.

Night Hunter – Sacrifice

Image via Shdleo

Night Hunter – Sacrifice Card Code: 4937-3733-1628

On this map, you and a few other survivors must try to stay alive until dawn while hunters (played by other people) hunt you down to destroy you. Serving as both a horror card and a killer card, this card stands out from most typical murder detective cards and can easily make your heart beat faster when you’re trying to get away from time to escape!

Eclipse – Hunt

The Blackout – Chase Map Code: 2775-2697-8614

Although originally released over a year ago, The Blackout remains one of the compelling and popular Murder Mystery maps in Fortnite. As a survivor, your goal is to gather resources to create buttons to activate the main computer and escape! As a Hunter, your goal is to prevent this by destroying your opponents. While it has fewer “mysteries” than other Murder Mystery games, it’s still the perfect game to play if you like asymmetrical horror games.

Pro Murder Mystery – 8 roles

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Pro Murder Mystery – 8 role card code: 6571-0741-2073

What makes this Murder Mystery card different from the rest is that it has more roles than the standard Killer and Survivor. On this map, you can be the Killer, Detective, Clown, Doctor, Pili, Witch, Skeleton or Seer. All these roles have their own special abilities and motives, and your goal is to use your abilities for the benefit of your team in order to win!

Blood Mines – Murder Mystery

Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery Map Code: 9736-4845-6318

The aesthetic of this cryptic assassination map is perhaps the best part about it. In Bloody Mines, you enter an abandoned mine where you have to tread carefully and keep a close eye on an assassin controlled by another player. The mechanics are pretty standard, including survivors, an assassin, and a detective with a gun. If you’re looking for a brand new take on a map based on the classic Murder Mystery mechanic, this map is perfect for you!

Nightmare Forest

Nightmare Forest Map Code: 0203-9687-0056

In this Murder Mystery map, you play as either a killer or a survivor. However, what makes this map different from other mystery assassination maps is how you survive. Instead of killing the killer, the survivors must find other ways to escape. Each method requires you to complete certain tasks or obtain equipment. For those of us familiar with the game, this form of Murder Mystery is nearly identical to the Friday the 13th game. Do you think you can make it out alive?

Kill Swap

Kill Exchange Card Code: 5893-2263-5834

This is a card with quite a twist! You have all the usual roles: innocent, sheriff, and assassin. However, when the sheriff or assassin is killed, that role will be given to one of the innocent players. It adds a whole new dimension to this map style. You may have trusted the player once, but once the trade has taken place, you may not be able to trust him now! So it will keep you on your toes and give more players a chance to play fun roles.

Minecraft Murder Mystery

Minecraft Murder Mystery Map Code: 1892-1509-8081

If you love Minecraft and Fortnite then this combines them into one awesome looking map. It’s amazing how close they got to Minecraft. This is especially similar if you’ve ever had a Minecraft flat texture pack! This is another murder mystery in which you can collect coins by completing various tasks such as mining and collecting them from the auto farm. Use these coins to buy weapons to protect yourself from the killer!

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