You can snap up the Microsoft Modern Webcam for 43 percent off its normal price

You can snap up the Microsoft Modern Webcam for 43 percent off its normal price

For many of us, our workspace is also our home, and that means having online video meetings with our bosses and fellow teammates. Getting a good webcam is almost as important as getting a good PC these days. Microsoft has a solid product with its Microsoft Modern Webcam. It’s available for sale on Amazon for just $39.99, or 43 percent off its $69.99 MSRP.

The 1080p 2MP webcam doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, but if you are getting this for remote work and meetings, you just want it to work and work well. It does include HDR support for a better video image. It also has an integrated privacy shutter so you can cover up the lens when it’s not in use. There’s also an LED indicator light that shows when the webcam is turned on.

The camera has a 78 degree field of view for your Teams conferences. It also has a solid outing system that lets you place the webcam on top of your PC monitor or laptop, or you can connect it to an optional tripod.

Microsoft Modern Webcam for $39.99 at Amazon

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