Xiaomi presents the Mi Band 7 smart bracelet

Xiaomi has officially unveiled the Mi Band 7, the next generation of its fitness and health monitoring bracelet, which has improved components such as screen, battery and workout modes.

We’ve been expecting him this week and he’s finally here . This is a new version of one of the best-selling series of smart bracelets on the market, with over 40 million units sold since the first model was released in 2014.

Mi Band 7 has a 1.62-inch AMOLED screen. This is 25% more than the previous generation. Along with screen size, resolution and brightness have been increased to 192 x 490 pixels and brightness to 500 nits. In terms of resistance, Xiaomi guarantees that its case allows it to be submerged in water up to a depth of 50 meters.

Despite the increase in size (as well as a 44% larger battery), the new version is slightly thinner than the Mi Band 6, but somewhat heavier while maintaining a minimum weight of 13.5 grams. Among its main components is the PPG sensor, which includes sensors for heart rate and SpO2 (blood oxygen level). It also has a gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer.

For fitness tracking, the Mi Band 7 now supports up to 120 different sport modes, which is a big jump from the previous 30 supported modes. For workouts, it offers detailed information on heart rate zone and calorie expenditure. Xiaomi has also included features such as optimal recovery time as well as an ideal VO2 Max value that quantifies the maximum amount of oxygen needed based on age and your BMI (body mass index) for an intense workout.

The Mi Band 7 also calculates Post-Workout Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) data to determine the intensity of your workout. For those with a competitive spirit, the brand offers the opportunity to challenge friends for virtual medals and other rewards in the My Fitness app.

In the statics and customization section, we will say that the Chinese brand has increased the options for official straps, including two new camouflage options with two fluorescent colors: green and orange. In addition to these straps can be purchased in six different colors. In addition to the new colors, Xiaomi has added over 100 different watch faces that can be easily changed in the settings app.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7, versions and prices

The bracelet is already available in China and we expect it to hit the international market in the next two months. It is available in two versions at a very low price, highlighting the great appeal of this wearable series:

  • Mi Band 7 standard: 236 yuan (about $35 for an exchange)
  • Mi Band 7 with NFC: 279 yuan (about $42 for a swap)

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