Xiaomi and Leica are officially collaborating. In the summer we will get to know its fruits and it could be Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

The summer for smartphone photography promises to be great, and the ranking of phones with the best camera will have to be modified. We suspect so, because probably not only Xiaomi, but also several other companies with photographic aspirations will bring their outstanding flagships to us in this regard. However, officially we can only be sure of this in the case of Xiaomi, but the final date of the European premiere and availability in Poland are still unknown. But we know that…

… Xiaomi and Leica have established a long-term cooperation in the field of photography

Leica has repeatedly helped digital camera manufacturers with its know-how. Because in this case it is not only about the supply of components, but also about the support of more than a century of experience accumulated by Leica Camera AG.

In the field of traditional digital devices, you know her collaboration with Panasonic. There is probably no person in the telephone industry who would not know that Huawei once collaborated with this company, and starting from the P9 and ending with the Huawei P50 Pro, every flagship reminds of this with information about the case on the island. with cameras on the back. Over time, the importance of this collaboration faded, so it’s not surprising that Leica was looking for a mobile company that would make it famous again.

The Xiaomi photo smartphone with a camera, created in collaboration with Leica, is a fact. It remains to wait until the title and release date will be announced in July.

Therefore, now the Xiaomi phone will be able to boast inscriptions and, possibly, a red Leica logo on the back. None, since the cooperation will be long-term, it is unlikely that it will end with one model.

So the leaders of both companies comment on the establishment of cooperation between Xiaomi and Leica

“Xiaomi is focused on delivering a high quality experience and has always hoped to make the most of smartphones in photography. Xiaomi and Leica agree with their aspirations and ideas, appreciate each other’s advantages. This collaboration will be a strong impetus for Xiaomi’s imaging strategy. In the course of cooperation, from optical design to innovative technology, product philosophy and imaging preferences, the two sides experienced an unprecedented deep collision and interconnection,” said Lei Jun, Founder, President and CEO of Xiaomi Group.

“Today we are honored to announce a long-term strategic partnership with Xiaomi. Leica and Xiaomi are global premium brands, and in this unprecedented collaboration, both sides have consistently worked towards the goal of introducing customers to a new era of mobile photography. We are convinced that the first jointly developed flagship smartphone will showcase the pioneering achievements of both companies. We will provide mobile photography consumers with exceptional image quality, classic Leica aesthetics and unlimited creativity,” adds Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG.

Will the innovative Xiaomi photo smartphone be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra?

There are many indications for this, because Xiaomi lacks a phone to close the 12 series on top, which we expect to see called Xiaomi 12 Ultra. With the launch of the 12 series, including the Pro model, Xiaomi has proven that it can innovate in the smartphone photography industry. We are talking about the ultra-wide angle of view of one of the Xiaomi 12 Pro cameras we reviewed, which beats previous records. And he does it well in practice, not just on pressure.

And since Xiaomi has announced a collaboration with Leica and we will see the first fruits in July, it’s hard to imagine that this will be a smartphone other than Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

I look forward to. You too?

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