Xbox will send out a new wave of Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead ring invites soon

Xbox has announced that it will soon be sending out a new wave of invitations to exclusive Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings. These preview circles allow Insiders to try out the latest features before anyone else and provide important feedback to the Xbox team. Microsoft doesn’t reveal how it invites people into these circles, but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of being invited.

Here is a diagram of each of the rings, according to Microsoft:

  • Alpha Skip-Ahead is an invitation-only ring that receives preview builds of a future version of the Xbox OS.
    • A “future” release means these builds may not be published for some time. In other words, this will be a release preview after the next public release. Thus, Alpha Skip-Ahead may contain features that are different from other rings.
  • Alpha is an invitation-only ring that is receiving preview builds for the next Xbox OS release.
    • This is a preview of the next OS that will be released to the general public.
    • Alpha gets a preview of the next build before any other ring
    • Alpha may have different features than Alpha Skip-Ahead and sometimes other Xbox update preview rings.

To be invited to the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings, you must provide quality feedback, participate in quests and surveys, join play tests, and be enthusiastic about testing. If you’re not yet an Insider but want to get into these circles, your best bet is to join the Xbox Insider Program ( FAQ ) and start moving up the Omega, Delta, and Beta rings. If you don’t do it this time, Microsoft will send out invite-only circles in the future that you can participate in.

If you receive an invitation, you can join the rings by following these instructions:

  1. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox console.
  2. Select a preview
  3. Select Preview Xbox Updates.
  4. Select Manage
  5. Select the Alpha ring or Alpha Skip Forward , then select Done.
  6. Download and install the required console update.

If you’ve received an invitation and can’t decide if you’d like to join, think fast! The number of places in each ring is limited, places are distributed in turn.

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