Xbox Game Pass will get another game. You will create a lawnmower empire

The creators of Lawn Mowing Simulator have officially announced that their products will soon be rolling out to Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, owners of older Microsoft consoles will have to do this with style.

Check out Skyhook Games’ Twitter for information on adding Game Pass . The developers boasted that their lawn mowing simulator generated a lot of interest from the Redmond giant shortly after its PC premiere. The company quickly requested a port for the Xbox Series X and S.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of a version dedicated to the Xbox One, only next-genes and PC owners are satisfied. At the moment there is no information on the implementation of the Lawn Mower Simulator also in the cloud, although this may also change. A Game Pass release date for the game is also unknown, although it could be coming soon.

You can read more about the hit Skyhook Games here. It is a business simulator offering lawn mowing services. There are many different mowers at your disposal. While many people don’t necessarily enjoy looking after greenery in real life, it is much more enjoyable in video games.