Wronged Us is a bit like Silent Hill if created by Kojima. Follow the gameplay

While we’re unlikely to see Kojima’s Silent Hill, some games seem to be created with the intention of resembling the combination of the aforementioned brand and a well-known developer. Wronged Us is that name.

This is a horror movie made by one person looking for colleagues. The project is currently at an early stage of development. It has been in development for over a year, but it already looks and promises to be worthy.

It is an open world survival horror game. The game draws heavily on brands like Resident Evil, Dark Souls, and just Silent Hill. The player goes to a small town, where very inhospitable natives are waiting for him. Along the way, he will meet many terrifying sights and fight many monsters. Sounds familiar, but the developer has focused on a more cinematic gameplay.

The creator of the game presented the first game trailer. While the visuals aren’t overly impressive, the game is very atmospheric. Wronged Us promises to be an interesting and independent title.

Unfortunately, we do not know the release date. The developer claims that he planned to release the project in 2022, but had to change his mind. The debut is scheduled no earlier than 2023.