Windows 11 with desktop search is just the beginning

Windows 11 will get widgets on the desktop? First of all, a search engine

Overall work on this year’s major Windows 11 update – 22H2 – has been completed, and beta insiders are checking to see if everything works as it should. Dev channel testers are starting to receive the first feature proposals for next year’s update. This package is a collection, marked with the number 25120, in which some interesting fact appeared. 

It seems that Microsoft is taking desktop widgets more and more seriously. Windows 11 in the new test version greets the user with a search box displayed directly on the desktop (unfortunately, not everyone – it looks like the change will be made in waves). The idea is to make access to content search even faster – right after turning on the computer. 

This is an interesting solution – successfully used today on smartphones. At the same time, it will not find enthusiasts among people with slightly weaker computers (in which case, however, it can be easily turned off – just right-click on the desktop and uncheck the option to show the search engine). 

Experiment with potential

So far, this is a search engine field, but Microsoft does not hide that this is only the first step towards the introduction of “interactive elements on the desktop”, and this is nothing more than widgets. What do you think about this?

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