Windows 11 Dev build 25206 adds OneDrive improvements, sandboxing and more

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 11 Insider 25206 to the Dev Channel. This is still version 22H2 as Sun Valley 3 development, known as Windows 11 23H2, has been canceled in favor of a major new version of Windows being released every three years. So for now the Dev Channel is sticking with version 22H2 which will eventually release sometime in 2023.

Here’s what’s new in build 25206:

SMB Auth Rate Limiter Behavior Changes

The SMB Auth Rate Limiter in Insider Preview builds has added an additional security mechanism to the SMB Server service by implementing a delay between each failed NTLM authentication. This means that if the attacker previously sent 300 brute-force attempts per second for 5 minutes (90,000 passwords) from the client, now the same number of attempts will take at least 50 hours. The goal here is to make the Windows client an unattractive target for both the workgroup and its local accounts when joining a domain. Although the SMB server runs by default on all versions of Windows, it is not available by default unless you intentionally open the firewall or create an SMB client share that opens the firewall.

As of build 25206, it is enabled by default and set to 2000ms (2 seconds). Any invalid usernames or passwords sent in SMB now cause a 2-second delay by default in all editions of the Windows Insider Program. When first released to Windows Insiders, this protection mechanism was disabled by default. This behavior change did not affect Windows Server Insiders, it still has a default value of 0.

Here are all the changes and improvements in build 25206:


  • The updated Open With dialog box is now available to all Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

[Graphic arts]

  • Windows Insiders can now save power by using Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) on external displays! To enable this setting, you must have a VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) capable 120+Hz monitor and have the WDDM 3.1 driver installed. To select a dynamic refresh rate, go to Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display and make a selection under Refresh Rate .
    • Note. To get the latest GPU drivers available to Windows Insiders, check for Windows updates by going to Settings > Windows Update, and then select Check for Updates. To find out which WDDM driver you have, go to Start > dxdiag > Display and look at Driver Model under Drivers.


  • Searching from File Explorer Home will show recent file activity for cloud files.


  • We are starting to roll out a change to use clipboard history (WIN + V) in password fields. We’re starting to roll out this feature, so it’s not yet available to all Insiders.

Here are the bug fixes in build 25206:


  • The OneDrive installer should no longer unexpectedly ask you for permission to install every time you restart your computer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the explorer.exe file to run, which interfered with some Insiders.


  • Fixed a settings crash that could occur when searching for and selecting certain settings related to Narrator.


  • Fixed a frequent search crash that was affecting some Insiders in the last few builds.


  • The Windows Sandbox window should now resize correctly if you snap it to the edge of the screen.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in memory leaks in Windows Error Reporting after certain crashes.
  • If the focus is on the desktop, then pressing ALT + F4 and Enter should now shut down the computer, instead of first moving the keyboard focus (as was necessary in the last few builds).
  • The computer icon is now displayed again in the Shut Down Windows dialog box.

NOTE. Some of the fixes noted here in Insider Preview builds from the Dev channel may make it into service updates for the released version of Windows 11.

Finally, we have known issues:


  • [NEW] We’re investigating an issue where the “Invalid date, time, and time zone settings” message is not displaying correctly and preventing the installation from proceeding.
  • We’re investigating reports that audio has stopped working for some Insiders after updating to the latest builds.
  • We’re investigating reports that several different apps have started to crash in recent builds.


  • We’re working on a fix for an issue where command bar items such as copy, paste, and empty trash may unexpectedly not turn on when they should.


  • We’re investigating some issues where uninstalling certain apps using Settings > Apps > Installed Apps doesn’t work properly.

[Dashboard optimized for tablets]

  • The taskbar sometimes flickers when transitioning between the desktop position and the tablet position.
  • The taskbar takes longer than expected to switch to the touch version when switching between desktop position and tablet position.
  • Using left or right edge gestures may cause widgets or the Action Center (respectively) to overlap with the taskbar or appear truncated.
  • When using the bottom right edge gesture to view quick settings, the taskbar sometimes remains in an expanded state instead of closing in a minimized state.
  • When there are no windows running on the desktop, the taskbar can sometimes collapse when it should be maximized.


  • In right-to-left languages ​​such as Arabic, the content animates out of view before the widget board resizes when you click on the extended view of the widget board.
  • The notification icon number may appear misaligned on the taskbar.

You can find the official blog entry here .

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