Windows 11 22H2 appears to already ship with build 22621.521 (KB5017321)

It looks like Windows 11 version 22H2 has already started shipping in new laptops. A Thrott forum member WILL ordered a new Dell laptop but was surprised to see a new boot animation. They soon realized that Dell had sent them a Windows 11 22H2 device.

Early reports, backed by some hard evidence, pointed to a general availability (GA) of the next feature update on September 20th. It was also rumored that build 22621.382 was to be packaged as a GA release. However, WILL claims that the build that arrived on their Dell device is 22621.521.

They say :

I wasn’t sure if it was a real delivery or not, but I just received a Dell laptop with Windows 11 22H2 build 22621.521. I thought something had changed as it had a new circle animation on load.

Has anyone else picked up new hardware with Win11 22H2 installed?

Build 22621.521 is a cumulative update under KB5017321 that Microsoft released a couple of days ago in the Release Preview along with Patch Tuesday updates. The update was noticed by users on various forums, including Microsoft.

Windows 11 Build 22H2 22621521 KB5017321

However, Microsoft hasn’t actually published any support articles or blog post pages detailing the changes, which seems to be the company’s habit of late.

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