Will Solo Sikoa turn on Roman Reigns on SmackDown? High stakes tonight

In an unexpected turn of events, Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa lost their match at Night of Champions PLE. The Usos would interject and create a distraction as the match was about to end, only to unintentionally superkick Solo Sikoa in the process.

The twins would then be confronted by Roman Reigns, who would ridicule and reprimand them. But when Jimmy Uso had had enough, he hit Roman Reigns with a stunning superkick.

On tonight’s episode of SmackDown, Reigns is expected to make a statement regarding The Usos. It will be quite interesting to see how Roman reacts to the situation.

Solo Sikoa, however, remains unmentioned. Which side is he now committed to? Roman Reigns, or perhaps The Usos, his brothers? How does he intend to approach the situation? He has been directly under Roman Reigns’ tutelage ever since he joined the main roster and had plenty of chances to prove himself in front of the fans.

There’s a case to be made for Sikoa defying Reigns and siding with his siblings. Sikoa’s intervention makes sense, and if he ends up siding with The Usos, it will bring further twists to the already thrilling Bloodline story.

The group has been phenomenal, and continuing the story by giving Sikoa more attention will naturally put him in a position to take Reigns down.

It might eventually lead to Sikoa being the one to dethrone Reigns, which would be a big blow for him. If done well, The Street Champion has the potential to be an instant main eventer for years to come.

When seen from a long-term perspective, Solo would be an ideal fit for the part, and bookings made between now and then ought to reflect that.

Roman Reigns is reportedly set to unveil a new WWE Championship belt on SmackDown

Things may be getting more entertaining as we get closer to this Friday night’s episode of SmackDown.

According to the most recent rumors, the plan for Reigns is to commemorate his milestone of 1,000-plus day reign as champion by unveiling a new title.

Furthermore, a “New WWE Universal Championship”is expected to be introduced. It’s interesting to think about how similar the event would be to The Rock’s 2013 WWE Championship belt reveal.

Although it was not specified in the report, it is possible that the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship would be combined into a single title.

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