Will Quantum Computing Technology Be Small Enough To Fit Into Smartphones?

Engineers are eyeing a possible breakthrough in quantum computing.  If all goes according to plan, computers that draw power from the quantum realm to perform their calculations may soon be small enough to embed into mobile phones and other everyday electronic devices.

Usually the size of entire server rooms, quantum computers process some information up to 100 million times faster than normal computers, but need temperatures of around absolute zero to work properly.


However, startup company Quantum Brilliance says it’s developed a diamond-based quantum computer that not only can be scaled down in size, but also operate in room temperatures.

CEO Andrew Horsley told Sifted that this breakthrough will lead to more practical uses for quantum computers.

“It is simplifying the quantum computer and turning it into something that can sit in an ordinary server rack next to classical computers. Most quantum computers are giant mainframes; these will eventually be small enough to be embedded in mobile devices. The miniaturization potential is huge.”

Another perk of this new diamond-based technology is that it could significantly ramp up the production potential of quantum computers, chief science officer Michael Doherty added.

“We are thinking about volumes in millions, not the thousands that people talk about with quantum computers based on superconducting.”

Despite the occasional doom and gloom predictions about the potential security risks quantum computers pose to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Doherty believes that different types of quantum computers will eventually be tailored to perform specific tasks.

“The future is heterogeneous – the idea of a single computer that can do everything is gone.”


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