Who are the voice actors in Diablo IV? full voice cast

Who are the voice actors in Diablo IV? full voice cast

Diablo IV is the fourth mainline game in the Diablo series and potentially the biggest players have ever gotten their hands on. It’s an action RPG with regularly updated content cycles to keep players engaged, and it’s filled with characters to meet, fight alongside, and battle with. This article outlines the entire voice cast for Diablo IV so you know who the faces behind the in-game characters are.

Diablo IV full voice cast

At the time of writing, the voice cast of Diablo IV has not been confirmed by Activision Blizzard. While some actors have voiced characters throughout the series, it’s impossible to say if they’ll work on Diablo IV. A good example of a voice actor suddenly disappearing is how Nathan Fillion was replaced by Nolan North in Destiny 2.

We will update this article with all the voice actors that are confirmed to be working on Diablo IV as they are revealed.

Past Diablo game voice actors

The following list outlines voice actors who have worked on the Diablo series in the past, voicing the same character in every game. We believe they will all likely voice the same characters or more in Diablo IV.

Alyson Reed: Adria

Screensot via IMDB

Alyson Reed played Adria in Diablo 3 and has a few other video game roles that you may recognize. For example, she played cyanna Nightglaive in World of Warcraft: Legion, Deione in Guild Wars 2, and General Davis in StarCraft 2: Nova Covert Ops.

Athena Karkanis: Female Barbarian

Screenshot via IMDB

Athena Karkanis voice acted in Diablo 3 and has many other voice acting credits in games, including Watch Dogs 2 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Carl Lumbly: Male Witchdoctor

Screenshot via IMDB

Carl Lumbly played the Male Witchdoctor role in Diablo 3 and has a number of other video game credits under his belt. For example, he played Charles Milton Porter in BioShock 2, Martian Manhunter in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Brother Marcion in Command & Comquer 3: Kane’s Wrath.

Cree Summer: Auriel

Screenshot via IMDB

Cree Summer played Auriel in Diablo 3 and has worked on several other video games in primary roles such as Darlene Wilson in Marvel’s Avengers, and the Female Exo player character in Destiny 2.

Crispin Freeman: Male Wizard

Screenshot via IMDB

Crispin Freeman played the Male Wizard in Diablo 3 and is expected to do the same in Diablo IV. His work includes a wide range of video games, including the male player character in Destiny 2 Lightfall and Winston in Overwatch 2.

David Sobolov: Azmodan

Screenshot via IMDB

David Sobolov played Azmodan in Diablo 3 and has had many roles in video games, with a lot of them being for evil characters. He also played Malphite in Legends of Runeterra, and Terrorblade in Dota Underlords.

Dominic Keating: Templar

Screenshot via IMDB

Dominic Keating worked on Diablo 3 as Templar and provided other voice work in Diablo Immortal. He’s had a few interesting roles over the years, including voicing a number of Exos, a race of sentient machines, in Destiny 2. Of course, he’s best known for his performance as Malcolm Reed in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Dorian Harewood: Male Barbarian

Screenshot via IMDB

Dorian Harewood has been a big part of the Diablo series since Diablo 3. However, he did not work on diablo Immortal, but he did play N’mani in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Erica Luttrell: Female Witchdoctor

Screenshot via IMDB

Erica Luttrell is the voice for the Female Witchdoctor in Diablo 3, but you’ll likely recognize her voice from somewhere else. Notable roles include Hailey Johnston in Dead Soace Remake and Zo in Horizon Forbidden West.

Gideon Emery: Male Crusader

Screenshot via IMDB

Gideon Emery has, in our opinion, one of the most recognizable voices in video games. He played the Male Crusader character in Diablo 3. andworked on Diablo Immortal too. We know him best as Devrim Kay in Destiny 2 and a few different characters in Fallout 76.

Grey Griffin: Female Wizard

Screenshot via IMDB

Grey Griffin worked on Diablo 3 and is a voice the community seems to love. She’s worked on many other video games, including Bayonetta 3 as Jeanne.

Jamieson Price: Male Monk

Screenshot via IMDB

Jamieson Price has been the Male Monk character’s voice since Diablo 3. He’s also worked on many well known games, including Lost Judgement as Jo Masuda.

Jennifer Hale: Leah

Screenshot via IMDB

Jennifer Hale played Leah in Diablo 3, but also has a rich history with voice acting in video games. Notable roles include the Femal Commander Shephard voice in Mass Effect 3 and Rosalind Lutece in BioShock Infnite.

Joe Thomas: King Leoric

Screenshot via IMDB

Joe Thomas is King Leoric in Diablo 3 and worked on Diablo Immortal. In the past, he’s worked on Hearthstone and World of Warcraft: Legion, both Activision Blizzard titles.

Laura Bailey: Female Demon Hunter

Screenshot via IMDB

Laura Bailey has worked on both Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and Diablo Immortal, in addition to a plethora of other video games. Her most notable role might be Abby from The Last Of Us Part 2.

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: Female Crusader

Screenshot via IMDB

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn played the Female Crusader character in Diablo 3, but she’s worked as the voice director for many video games. The titles she’s worked on in the voice director role include Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2, World of Warcraft, Drakengard, and Digimon Rumble Arena.

Milton James: Baal

Screenshot via IMDB

There’s no way you don’t recognize Milton James‘ voice. He’s a prolific actor and has lent his voice to what feels like hundreds of video games. He played Mr. Matthews in Bully, Membrillo in Grim Fandango, not to mention he’s been Baal in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

Rajia Baroudi: Female Monk

Screenshot via Power Ranger Wiki

Rajia Baroudi has worked on Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal. Her portfolio includes loads of other games too, such as Half-Life: Alyx and a few Call of Duty titles.

Rick D. Wasserman: Imperius

Screenshot via IMDB

Rick D. Wasserman played Imperius in Diablo 3 and has credits across the video game industry. You may know him as the Scorch Titan in Titanfall 2, Crossbones in Midnight Suns, or as Sargeras in Hearthstone if you don’t know him from the Diablo series.

Robin Atkin Downes: Male Demon Hunter

Screenshot via IMDB

Robin Atkin Downes has played the Male Demon Hunter character in Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal. He’s also quite well known among Destiny 2 fans as the vendor Spider, a questionable character who comes across as helpful but is always looking out for himself.

Steve Blum: Zoltun Kulle

Screenshot via IMDB

Steve Blum has credits in Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal as well as dozens of other video games. You can find his talent in The Callisto Protocol, Lost Judgement: The Kaito Files, and Mass Effect, Legendary Edition.

Sumalee Monato: Enchantress

Screenshot via IMDB

Sumalee Monato played Enchantress in Diablo 3, but you may know her from one of her other many roles in video games. A few that caught our eye include Fortnite, Hawthrone in Destiny 2, and the female version of Morgan Yu in Prey (2017).

Susanne Blakeslee: Maghda

Screenshot via Dubbing Wikia

Susanne Blakeslee played Maghda in Diablo 3 and has worked on a few other video games in the past. There are some really interesting entries in her portfolio, including Madame Web in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Ladysmith in BioShock 2, and a Russian Woman in Destroy All Humans! 2.

Troy Baker: Scoundrel

Screenshot via IMDB

Troy Baker became incredibly well known in video games as Joel in The Last Of Us, but he’s played characters in loads of video games over the years. In the Diablo series, he’s known as Scoundrel in Diablo 3, but you could have discovered him anywhere, including in Fortnite Chapter 3 as John Jones.

Yuri Lowenthal: Lorath Nahr

Screenshot via IMDB

You might not have heard of Yuri Lowenthal, but he’s a prolific video game voice actor with hundreds of credits. Outside of his work on Diablo 3, we noticed he’s also worked on a few obscure titles, such as Disaster: Day of Crisis on the Wii.

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