Where to farm Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

Where to farm Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

During the early days of the Traveler and Paimon’s journey in Mondstadt, Crystal Chunks were primarily used for forging Mystic Enhancement Ore, an Enhancement Material essential for leveling weapons. However, since the introduction of regional Treasure Compasses, Resonance Stones, and many new craftable armaments, knowing how to efficiently farm Crystal Chunks has been more important than ever. After all, regardless of the current update or region, you will still need thousands of Crystal Chunks for the Mystic Enhancement Ore to upgrade new and old characters’ weaponry.

Best ways to passively farm Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

Zhongli Standing Next to Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact
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If you are busy with little to no time for active resource farming in Genshin Impact, we highly recommend you take advantage of Expeditions and Rich Ore Reserves. Expeditions have been around since the advent of your journey and allow you to send out characters for free resources. While the Crystal Chunk haul they bring back is negligible, the amount will eventually accumulate into the thousands over the long run.

As for Rich Ore Reserves, you must reach Reputation Level 2 with a particular region to unlock the ability to mark Mining Outcrops on the map. Each outcrop is a guaranteed haul of valuable ores, so Rich Ore Reserves should be a feature you should not overlook if you want a bonus influx of Crystal Chunks during a week.

Best farm locations for Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

The Chasm Overworld Cystal Chunk Farming Routes in Genshin Impact
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Conversely, suppose you have the time to invest to actively search for and farm this crystal ore. In that case, we advise you to focus on The Chasm, the best farming location for Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact. As expected of a giant mining facility in Liyue, the overworld and underground section of this subregion offers an abundance of Crystal Chunks. With optimal routes, you should be able to mine well over 100 chunks every two days, following the deposits’ respawn timers.

The Chasm Underground Cystal Chunk Farming Routes in Genshin Impact
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However, three things should be considered when farming Crystal Chunks in The Chasm.

  1. First, you must complete the prerequisite World Quests related to “The Chasm Delvers,” and there are several areas you must explore on your own.
  2. Next, we highly recommend you watch YouTube videos for ideal farming routes. In our experience, screenshots and even interactive maps do not do justice to the verticality and complexity of the maze-like layout of the Underground Mines.
  3. Finally, practice and become familiar with a single route you feel most comfortable with. The first farming run might take 30 to 40 minutes, but subsequential runs will gradually decrease in time. Soon, you will be mining over 150 Crystal Chunks in less than 20 minutes.

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