Whales Suddenly Move Over $2,200,000,000 in Ethereum As Miners Amass the Second-Largest Crypto Asset

Whales are suddenly moving more than $2.2 billion in Ethereum (ETH) this week across 11 separate transactions, according to the crypto tracker Whale Alert.

The moves come as ETH’s price surges and Ethereum miner balances continue to skyrocket, blockchain analytics firm Santiment reports.



Source: Santiment/Twitter

ETH is trading $3,588.59 at time of writing and is up more than 28% in the past week, according to CoinGecko.

Whale Alert notes that in the largest of the tracked transactions, an unknown wallet transferred a whopping 227,371 ETH worth more than $784 million to another unknown wallet on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, a third unknown wallet sent 50,983 ETH worth more than $180 million to a fourth unknown wallet.

On Monday, an unknown wallet transferred 105,100 ETH worth more than $353 million to Binance.

Here are some of the other notable ETH whale transactions from the past few days, including several significant transfers to and from crypto exchanges:


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