DevToys v1.0 is out and promises to be the “developers’ swiss army knife”

After several months of development, DevToys, a multifaceted toolkit for developers, has reached version 1.0. The platform, which promises to be the “Swiss army knife for developers”, has a dedicated website. However, it is actually an app that contains several open source tools that website and app developers need on a regular basis.

DevToys now has a GitHub page , a Microsoft Store listing , and a dedicated website . All three have been updated this week to indicate that version is now available to the general public. The page, the listing, and the official site claim that “DevToys helps with day-to-day tasks like JSON formatting, text comparison, RegExp testing.”

Developers call DevToys the swiss army knife for developers. But they insist that the application will be useful not only for developers, but also for non-developers. The app has a neatly organized collection of tools. They are organized into groups labeled Converters, Encoders/Decoders, Formatters, Generators, Text, and Graphics. It is free to download, but can be distributed as a trial or shareware version (although its developers prefer not to).

DevToys has been in development since September 2021 and reached version this week. Smart Detection is one of the main features of the app. This feature, enabled by default, automatically determines the best tool based on the content being copied to the clipboard.

The application can be run locally on Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs; developers do not need to have internet access to use the tools in the application.

Developers usually rely on third party websites that promise to offer DevToys functionality. The creators of DevToys also allow you to run multiple instances of the application at the same time, which means that developers can perform multiple tasks at the same time. DevToys’ closest competitor is CyberChef .