Are you in awe of the Resident Evil 4 remake? We know the fan remaster premiere date

Capcom is still silent about the (almost certainly) Resident Evil 4 remake. Fans have gone to great lengths to update the iconic game in their own way.

RE4 HD Project promises to be really good. We know the release date.

The graphic mod for Resident Evil 4 is coming

Capcom is allegedly working hard on yet another remake. This time we are talking about the fan-favorite “four”, which in some way changed the definition of the series. The problem is that we have no official confirmation of the existence of the game, so you shouldn’t fall into exaggerated “hype”.

However, fans have rolled up their sleeves and have been working on Resident Evil 4 HD Project for a long time. Mod improves the graphics of the game, but how! Take a look at the latest gameplay from the latest release. It looks really fantastic and feels like a remake in places, at least when it comes to textures and additional effects.

The creators boasted that we will see the effect of their work on February 2, 2022, when the official premiere of the final version takes place. Of course, the impatient can download the unfinished version of the modification right now . By February, the developers want to fix graphical errors and bugs that completely break or interfere with the game. They will present high definition videos and add more effects. You can read about the entire changelog here .