You can ski in Microsoft Edge. A limited winter version of the game is available.

Microsoft Edge has its own version of the “dinosaur game” with Chrome. However, now, due to the season, surfing has turned into skiing.

If there is no internet, Edge will surely help you pass the time.

Play in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s flagship browser has its own version of Chrome’s “dinosaur”, a minigame that should help us come to terms with the lack of an Internet connection. However, in the MS app, we play the role of a surfer who must avoid obstacles, score points and not be absorbed by the Kraken that follows us.

You know very well that surfing and winter don’t go hand in hand. This is why Edge got a limited winter version of the browser game. This time we will play as a skier, who also has to avoid obstacles, but this time running away from the Yeti. A couple of new modes have also been added, so there is definitely a lot to do.

How to get into the “hidden” game? Everything is very simple. Just enter “edge: // surf” in the web address field (of course, this only works in this browser). Interestingly, the game represents a kind of revival of the position of 30 years ago.

It was then that Microsoft released the classic, but forgotten by many, SkiFree. Today it is easy to find it on the Internet, but it cannot be denied that the new version of “surfer” seems to be a kind of “remaster” of the classic name.