The second Battlefield 2042 update is available today. We’ve reviewed the full changelog

Yesterday we announced the preliminary list of changes in the second update of Battlefield 2042. Patch 0.2.2 will be available from today, and full information about the new items has appeared.

The biggest news for many players will be the reduced projectile spread for all weapons except shotguns. This will make the arsenal available in the game more accurate.

The PP-29 submachine gun often used by players has been weakened. It has increased recoil, making it less effective at longer ranges. Until now, it could even replace assault rifles.

The guns of the MD540 Nightbird helicopter were also weakened, which will do less damage and the range of their shells will decrease. The guns of the KA-520 Super Hokum helicopter will perform slightly worse on the battlefield, having similar, but more significant disadvantages. In addition, the damage done by machine guns mounted on each ground vehicle has been reduced.

The game developers have restored the UAV-1 from the servers of Portal Bad Company 2, which was recently shut down. The gadget is balanced.

The update includes even more modifications. If you’d like to see specific numbers related to buffs and debuffs , as well as minor changes, check out the official patch notes for the game.