All missions of the Legion faction in the demilitarized zone

All missions of the Legion faction in the demilitarized zone

In the new game mode DMZ Call of Duty: Warzone, there are three factions for which the player can work: Legion, White Lotus and Black Mouse. Each of these factions has several sets of missions spread across different levels. You can complete these tasks to earn XP and rewards. Here is a list of the Legion faction missions available in the DMZ.

Legion Faction Missions Level 1 Legion Faction Missions Level 2

Legion Tier 1 faction missions

Mission Tasks Awards
To set up a contact 1. Use your Tac card and ping the contract phone2. Find a contract phone and download info 1. 30 min. Double Experience Token2. 5000 experience
Find and collect 1. Find and loot five loot caches2. Collect five items in your backpack. 1. Emblem “Pseudo Private”2. 5000 experience
Al-Qatala Informant Activate one UAV tower 1. M42 contraband weapon. 5000 experience
Assault on the fortress 1. Get the fortress keycard2. Clear the Fortress of enemy fighters3. Retrieve the White Lotus information found on the Fortress guards. 1. “Pendulum” TAQ-56 Blueprint2. 5000 experience

Legion Tier 2 faction missions

Mission Tasks Awards
Spender 1. Get $60,000 in cash2. Spend $60,000 at the store 1. Key to the boat dock hut in the cave2. 7500 experience
Buried barrels 1. Fulfill one contract for safe radioactive material2. Retrieve four items from radioactive caches. 1. SP-R 208 Contraband2. 7500 experience
Juncker Destroy 6 vehicles 1. “Pseudo-private” business card2. 7500 experience
air defense 1. Capturing the SAM2 site. Wait for your captured SAM Site to shoot down the plane3. Get a dropped supply 1. PKK Smuggling2. 7500 experience
Eliminate Keys 1. Complete and liquidate the HVT2 contract. Find the key found on HVT or elsewhere3. Use the key to unlock the locked space 1. Business card “Fanning Konig”2. 7500 experience
Data collection 1. Find and rob a computer2. Remove four flash drives3. Remove five hard drives 1. FTAC Recon2 smuggling. 7500 experience
Framework task 1. Buy LTV with a turret in the Shop2. Use the LTV Turret to kill 10 enemies in Akdar Village3. Destroy the LTV in the Mawizeh Swamp. 1. “Anonymous” Koning Skin2. 15000 experience

We will be updating this guide with information on the remaining Legion faction missions as new levels are unlocked in the DMZ.

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