All new monsters will appear in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Subreak is the upcoming expansion to the hit game Monster Hunter Rise. The add-on, which will be released later this year, will add new locations, armor and, of course, monsters to hunt. But which monsters are being added to Monster Hunter Rise: Subreak?

Each new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak monsters

We’ve listed all of the added monsters below, from simple subspecies to triumphant return monsters, a new Elder Dragon, and a new rare species.

Gor Magala (unknown type)

The evil blind beast from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is back, the deadly Gor Magala. He uses his six limbs to hop across the battlefield, releasing the rabies virus on anyone who tries to hunt him. This monster is not for the faint of heart.

Espinas (Flying Wyvern)

The monster few have heard of is back, Espinas. He first appeared in Monster Hunter Frontiers and has been missing since. Hunters must be prepared to take on the unknown, and Espinas certainly is. Beware of his poisonous fireballs, as this is one hell of a deadly combo.

Shogun Ceanataurus (Karapaseon)

Giant grippers are some of the most difficult monsters to face in a Monster Hunter game. Not because they are difficult to fight, but because of the shell they are wrapped in. If you’re underprepared and don’t have some sharpness with your weapons, then your attacks will bounce, which is the last thing you want. Being up close and personal with this crab could be your last.

Payr Rakna-Kadaki (dark seran)

Rakna Kadaki is already a powerful monster without getting a subspecies. The ability to rush around the field, envelop the hunt with powerful cobwebs, and even be a walking flamethrower. Now imagine that everything is on fire, that is, Payre Rakna-Kadaki.

Lucent Nargakuga (Flying Wyvern)

For some, Nargakuga is a love-hate fight, and without preparation, many hunters can die in seconds. The rare Lucent Nargacuga returns in Sunbreak, last seen in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Not much is known about this creature, but we do know that level up your armor, because Lucent Nargakuga will be a dangerous opponent.

Garagholm (Fanged Beast)

A giant monster that uses fire and water to attack its enemies, Garagholm is one of the first monsters you will face in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. But don’t think this monster will be a cakewalk.

Lunagaron (Fanged Wyvern)

A transforming and terrifying fanged wyvern, Lunagaron has spiked ice armor and poisonous ailments. But their fearsome claw attacks seem to be the most dangerous part of this monster.

Blood Orange Bishaten (Fanged Beast)

But unlike its regular cousin, Bishaten’s Blood Orange doesn’t throw fruit. Instead, he throws exploding pine cones. So be on the lookout against this or you’ll find yourself blown up and taken back to the village.

Astalos (Flying Wyvern)

A returning fan favorite from Monster Hunter Generations, Astalos is a thunder-powered flying wyvern that can inflict stun, paralysis, and lightning. His very aggressive attack pattern makes him very dangerous.

Malzeno (Elder Dragon)

The expansion’s main antagonist, Malenzo, appears to be a huge Flying Wyvern, but is actually a terrifying Elder Dragon that terrorizes the village of Kamura. Malzeno can grab monsters and absorb their power, and his attacks can cause a Bloody Blight status effect that can drain their life force. Hunters should deal more damage to Malzeno so that their health does not deteriorate in this state. If Malzeno absorbs a hunter’s life force, he will evolve.

Seregios (Flying Wyvern)

Seregios uses the sharp blades on his legs to attack enemies as he flies from the sky. Seregios also drops Blade Scales, which can deal bleeding damage to hunters on contact. This monster can also spread its wings and scales in its enraged form to change its appearance and deal additional damage.

Aurora Somnakant (Leviathan)

Aurora Somnakant is a variant of the existing monster Somnakant that specializes in ice attacks. This Somnakant releases cold air to freeze everything around it, sliding across the ice it creates to attack players. Aurora Somnakant also fires ice breath to freeze hunters.

Magma Almudron (Leviathan)

This variant of Almudrone thrives in Lava Caverns, using magma to assume a heated state. Magma Almudrone glows red and deals more damage in this form. Almudroon also uses the magma on his scorching tail to attack hunters from a distance, giving him the ability to operate at close and close range.

lesser monsters

Two smaller monsters will appear in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Gowngoat and Boggi. Although these two monsters are not the A-Team or the stars of the show, we can’t forget about them as they may have the parts we need to craft some of the monster armors described above!

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