All stats and attributes in The DioField Chronicle and their meaning

Since The DioField Chronicle is an RPG, there are a few statistics that are needed to explore what they do and what they mean from head to toe. Use this guide to understand all the stats and attributes and their meaning in The DioField Chronicle.

All attributes are explained in The DioField Chronicles

There aren’t as many stats to keep an eye on in The DioField Chronicle as there are in some RPGs – there are only six of them. However, having so many stats means it’s much easier to learn how to build a particular unit.

All statistics in The DioField Chronicles

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Not all units need all six of these attributes to be as high as possible or even balanced. Generally, you can have a pretty good idea of ​​which character should focus on which attributes from their stat data.

Take, for example, Izelar. She is a soldier who doesn’t need much Technique or Luck. Luck will definitely help, but it’s much more beneficial to focus on defense and health. As a tank character, Iseler should be able to take damage as she gets all the attention of the enemies, but returning damage is also useful.

However, if we take Andrias, who is also a soldier, then the stats he needs are very different from those of Isellar. Andrias should focus on Attack, but also on Technique. He is a DPS character that does wonders for ambushing and dealing with targets like archers. Andrias’ skills are mobility and dealing death blows to enemies. However, his defense is so low that you don’t want him to tank enemies.

Both characters belong to the same class, but are very different from each other. Having a limited set of stats really allows the player to create the character they want.

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