All achievements in The Planet Crafter

The Planet Crafter is an open world survival crafting game where you have to terraform and transform a hostile planet so that humans can inhabit it. You will survive, collect and build your base. Along the way, you can earn in-game achievements.

There are 19 achievements in The Planet Crafter and we have listed them below.

  1. Shelter
    • Build your first Habitat.
  2. Rare red ore
    • Find iridium.
  3. vegetables in space
    • Create your first food manufacturer.
  4. new sky
    • Achieve full blue skies.
  5. clouds in the sky
    • Reach for the clouds.
  6. life from the sky
    • Reach the level of rain.
  7. What can go wrong?
    • Create your first nuclear reactor.
  8. Biomass
    • Create your first biodome.
  9. We’re leaving?
    • Create your first starting platform.
  10. Blue rare ore
    • Find Osmium.
  11. liquid water
    • Reach liquid water level.
  12. So much water
    • Reach the full level of the lakes.
  13. Flowers on a hostile planet
    • Create your first flower spreader.
  14. Greens
    • Reach the moss level.
  15. White rare ore
    • Find a zeolite.
  16. golden flower
    • Find your first golden seed.
  17. He grows
    • Reach the level of herbs.
  18. genetic engineer
    • Create your first DNA manipulator.
  19. The woods
    • Reach the level of the trees.
  20. Jungle
    • Build your first tree spreader.
  21. Pink Rare Ore
    • Create or find a quartz pulsar.
  22. Door?
    • Find the strange door in the cave.
  23. Automation
    • Build your first ore extractor.
  24. Fusion energy
    • Create your first thermonuclear cell.
  25. Vivarium
    • Reach the insect level.
  26. mushroom river
    • Discover the mushroom river.
  27. Not a Face!
    • Get hit by an asteroid.
  28. Farming on Mars
    • Create your first external farm.

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