Valve’s Next Generation VR Headset Shown in Newly Discovered Patent

We’ve been hearing rumors for a while now that Valve is working on a new standalone wireless VR headset. Now, a new patent filed by Valve at the end of 2021 has confirmed this, showing off a new HMD design. 

The patent was filed in December 2021, so Valve is now actively working on new VR hardware. Links to new games have also been unearthed through data collection efforts , one known as HL:X and one known as Citadel, both of which are expected to have some form of crossplay between a VR headset and more traditional gaming platforms. , such as PC or even Steam Deck.

As can be seen from the patent image, Valve is detailing a new head-up display (HMD) with a new mounting method with new headset body mounting mechanisms and the same headband design as the Valve Index, including the locking disc. on the back that can be used to secure the headset to your face for a comfortable fit.

Valve’s wireless VR headset is currently known as the Deckard. However, the company has not officially announced anything. Typically, Valve doesn’t announce projects until they’re ready to go, and even then, if the company doesn’t like the direction of a particular project, they put it aside and go back to the drawing board. With that in mind, it could be quite a while before we see the official introduction of Valve’s next VR headset.

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