This is how Resident Evil 7 will look like on PS1. Watch the gameplay from the fan game

The player has prepared a fan demake of Resident Evil 7. Thanks to him, the horror from Capcom looks like it could have been released on the first PlayStation.

Of course, the talented player didn’t recreate the whole game. He only prepared a short presentation showing a tiny part of the title. However, building Resident Evil 7 locations from scratch and translating them into graphics like it did two decades ago definitely took many hours of work.

This was all built on the Unity engine, but it looks like it was built using old technology. In the demo, we see, among other things, static backgrounds typical of the PS1 reign. Also, look out for a character model that could easily be included in the first Resident Evil game.

It’s really hard to deny the climate of the aged RE7. I would like to play the entire seventh residence, transferred to such a setting. While the gameplay may not be amazing, the atmosphere will be unforgettable.