Territorial defense troops of Ukraine prepared an ambush – an RPG-22 grenade launcher destroys a Russian tank 

Soviet anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-22

The RPG-22 is a Soviet hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher based on the earlier RPG-18 design. The weapon has a caliber of 72.5 mm and is capable of hitting armored targets at distances up to 250 meters (sighting range 150 – 200 meters).

Soviet anti-tank grenade launchers: (top): RPO Shmel, RPG-22, RPG-26, RPG-18. (photo: Wikipedia)

The grenade launcher was put into production in 1985 and is used by, among others, Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Moldova, Turkmenistan and Ukraine. It turns out that the technique is also used during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Territorial defense troops of Ukraine knocked out a Russian tank from an RPG-22 grenade launcher – video 

A video of the Territorial Defense Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (this is an analogue of our Territorial Defense Troops) has appeared on the network, where you can see an interestingly prepared ambush on a Russian tank. The military used an RPG-22 grenade launcher (incorrectly named Mukha, as the term refers to an earlier version of the RPG-18).


The video is disturbing and shows the courage of Ukrainian soldiers. Two accurate shots allowed us to destroy the enemy vehicle (the military says that the tank was destroyed, but it is difficult to identify the exact model).

Of course, the Ukrainian troops also have modern equipment at their disposal. Good examples here are NLAW and LMM Martlet launchers, Brimstone guided missiles or M777 howitzers equipped with Excalibur missiles.

Source: Wikipedia, Ukraine Leaks, Reuters (photo)

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