Valorant Chronovoid Skin Bundle – price, release date, details

Shortly after the Valorant World Cup, Riot Games announced another new premium futuristic skin pack modeled after Ion and the singularity set from previous acts called ChronoVoid. The set includes four different weapon skins and a melee knife with unique custom animations and visual effects. You can purchase the XE-level Chronovoid Bundle from the in-game store starting September 21, 2022 for a whopping 8,700 VP.

All weapon and melee skins in the Valorant Chronovoid Skin Bundle

You can find all in-game items in the Valroant Chronovoid Skin Bundle from the following list.

You can purchase the entire set of skins for 8700 VP, or buy individual products for a much lower price.

Valorant Chronovoid weapon skins

Chrono Void Phantom

green phantom
Black phantom
Red phantom
Phantom by default

ChronoVoid Vandal

green vandal
black vandal
Red vandal
Default vandal

Judge ChronoVoid

Green Judge
black judge
red judge
Judge by default

ChronoVoid Sheriff

Green Sheriff
black sheriff
Red sheriff
Default Sheriff

All weapon skins will have 4 customization levels and three different options.

Valorant Chronovoid melee skin

When will Valorant Chronovoid be released?

As previously mentioned, the pack will debut in the in-game store on September 21, 2022 and will be on sale for another 2 to 3 weeks. After that, the set will still be available for purchase through a daily random rotation.

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