In slow motion, Ellie smashes enemies into hundreds of pieces. The level of refinement of the TLoU2 captivates

Thanks to Naughty Dog and the developers’ great attention to detail, The Last of Us 2 can do a lot of impressive things. See how effective it looks to blow up a group of enemies in slow motion.

Within a few months YouTube, following the times, introduced the so-called shorty, i.e. short notes in vertical format. Most often these are typical “time killers” designed to interest and attract attention. This is a treasure trove of curiosities from games like The Last of Us 2. Check out how epic the fight below looks like:

Naughty Dog is famous in the gaming community for creating beautiful things and often even setting new standards. While many creators would choose to simplify the animation in question, for example by using only flat sprites, in this case they were also tempted to apply particle effects using spatial models. I have to admit it looks amazing and the slow motion effect only adds to the atmosphere that I associate with Max Payne.