Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory introduces a single player campaign. The mod fans have been waiting for for 18 years

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was once a wildly popular online shooter, but didn’t get the expected single player campaign. The new mod changes this.

We’ve been waiting for 18 years, but finally he’s here!

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Single Player Campaign

2003 saw the premiere of one of the most recognizable multiplayer games in history. Of course, I’m talking about the completely free Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which immediately became a hit, also in our country. However, the production did not have everything that the creators once promised.

ET was released for free as a solution to the developers abandoning the previously announced single mode. Activision justified itself by the fact that, despite the dedication of the creators and their great ideas, the work on the campaign did not go as it should, so the module was simply abandoned. Well – it’s hard to say. However, now, after 18 years, we have had its premiere.

Or at least the premiere of an unofficial single-player version, because the campaign was created by one of the fans. He used maps, characters, and weapons from the campaign, all of which he transferred as part of a fictional story. In the premiere trailer, it looks like what we could imagine.

Interestingly, an additional option for the co-op campaign will be added on November 30th as it is currently being tested. You can download the mod from Steam Workshop and ModDB .